KIF Toothbrush

KIF | Pocket-Sized Titanium Toothbrush

An individual in the US throws away 4 plastic brushes, 6 toothpaste tubes, 12 mouthwash bottles and 7 packs of floss EVERY YEAR! This plastic adds up to a whole lot. We’ve created the world’s first collapsible, portable and zero waste oral care system.

Quick facts:

  • Measuring just 3.14 inches by 1.37 inches, KIF contains 3 dedicated compartments.
  • One compartment for the brush, one for toothpaste tabs and the base has a
  • cleverly hidden drawer that houses organic floss.
  • The KIF brush is made with Titanium and is designed to outlast your teeth.
  • All of this is housed in a dual side laminated recyled tin case which is light
  • weight and resists corrosion.
  • The back of the brush has a silicon jacket that operates as a tounge scraper;
  • it protects your teeth and your brush.
  • KIF comes in 5 different colours.

Using KIF is EASY.

  • Just assemble the brush, pop a tab in your mouth and brush like you’d normally do.
  • And every 3 months when it’s time to change the brush, simply pop the brush head out and replace it with a new one.
  • KIF fits perfectly in your pocket, bag and suitcase. It is tailored for brushing in the office, at home and wherever life takes you.
  • So, let’s pledge to #BrushResponsibly by choosing a brush for life.

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Re-engineering all the steps from bean grinding to solid state pouring. With xBloom All-in-One Coffee Machine, the best brew with the roasters’ recipe is on
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 Through an ingenious telescopic design, ouTask condenses super-powerful three-dimensional lighting capabilities into a compact, portable body. You will experience a wonderful night you’ve never had that breaks out your imagination.


 ouTask can be used in at least three forms thanks to its telescopic structure: the tallest, the expanded, and the folded.  More than being portable, the telescopic structure also helps it achieve completely different lighting effects. The lighting changes with height as you stretch and collapse it.

When fully folded, ouTask is in a simple cylindrical shape that you can grasp with one hand and quickly put into your backpack or hand to your teammates. And in order to prevent it from rolling on the surface, we slightly modified its pure circular profile into something more practical while keeping it minimal.

Its magnetic design allows firm attachment to most ferrous carriers, cars, or ships. 

Click-to-open enables powerful spatial lighting for you in seconds. Whether you want to stick it on the roof or on the side of your car, it will make your night distinctive. 

Some larger lighting devices may be more powerful in lighting, but they take forever to set up. Remember: ouTask takes only a few seconds.

The lamp head of ouTask can rotate horizontally without limitation and flip vertically, providing you with more than 720° of three-dimensional lighting capability, which is a first-ever in all previous lighting tools.

The integrated tripod design and the fast unfold function let you install the fill-in light for live streaming with great ease, or save someone else’s hassle of holding the light for you when you fish or do other field work, or free you from the trouble of finding a tree or something else to hang the light.

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