KIF | Pocket-Sized Titanium Toothbrush

An individual in the US throws away 4 plastic brushes, 6 toothpaste tubes, 12 mouthwash bottles and 7 packs of floss EVERY YEAR! This plastic adds up to a whole lot. We’ve created the world’s first collapsible, portable and zero waste oral care system.

Quick facts:

  • Measuring just 3.14 inches by 1.37 inches, KIF contains 3 dedicated compartments.
  • One compartment for the brush, one for toothpaste tabs and the base has a
  • cleverly hidden drawer that houses organic floss.
  • The KIF brush is made with Titanium and is designed to outlast your teeth.
  • All of this is housed in a dual side laminated recyled tin case which is light
  • weight and resists corrosion.
  • The back of the brush has a silicon jacket that operates as a tounge scraper;
  • it protects your teeth and your brush.
  • KIF comes in 5 different colours.

Using KIF is EASY.

  • Just assemble the brush, pop a tab in your mouth and brush like you’d normally do.
  • And every 3 months when it’s time to change the brush, simply pop the brush head out and replace it with a new one.
  • KIF fits perfectly in your pocket, bag and suitcase. It is tailored for brushing in the office, at home and wherever life takes you.
  • So, let’s pledge to #BrushResponsibly by choosing a brush for life.

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