Re-engineering all the steps from bean grinding to solid state pouring. With xBloom All-in-One Coffee Machine, the best brew with the roasters’ recipe is on the way to your cup with one touch in 3 minutes.

Functional Intelligence & Innovation

xBloom believes that great design is rooted in value, innovation, functional intelligence and craftsmanship. In a statement made through their website, The Xbloom team believes that When things are doing well, you create a coffee experience worth telling. Why is this important? Because they don’t build coffee machines, they craft incredible coffee experiences, and it’s why they devote so much of their time to the hidden details, the small parts, the elements involved in your coffee journey – because the seemingly little things leave the greatest impression.

Crafted To Last

An integral part of the xBloom journey is crafting products that last. They constantly ask the question can this part be better, more durable, and longer-lasting? They use materials built for the long haul and embrace the principles of a circular economy. Did you know that their coffee pods are made from sugarcane bagasse? At their core is the patented technology ‘solid-state pouring’. This innovative technology means that their machines have no moving parts, so less waste and no need for replacement parts.

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