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 So why redesign the pants? Because traditional pants have critical flaws: Durability, ventilation, wrinkles, too tight in the legs, worn knees, fading, worn gusseted crotch, sagging, stiffness, few color choices and more. Packsture fixed all that, and more.

Today, Packsture launched its third campaign for their new Mogador Pants Omega Series. This innovative outdoor company takes pride in making their premium quality gear and follows their two campaigns which raised a substantial amount in crowdfunding. The new pants are rugged, innovative, comfortable and can be used while traveling, hiking outdoors, sitting in the office or simply for everyday adventures.

Packsture Mogador Pants are designed with a new patented hydrophobic fiber technology that is built for comfort to withstand everyday use and they come with a lifetime warranty. They are 100% recycled. They are lightweight, comfortable, durable and are made to last. The highest performing fabrics in the world, today. The unique compositions, weaves and construction of the fabric make them flexible, strong, quick-drying and most importantly, very comfortable.

The Mogador Pants, Omega Series are currently available on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of January 15th. Production is already underway!

Review overview

Lightweight 10
Compact 10
Price 10
Durability 10
Waterproof 10
Warranty 10


10 tech score The Mogador Omega Series Pants are the best that we've tested. They are lightweight, rugged, durable and waterproof. Comfortable during travel, hikes and taking walks around the neighborhood; it's the perfect fit! A perfect balance of weight and ruggedness. Solid choice!!!

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