The Dragonfly Hyperscooter is more than a scooter with 4 wheels. It’s the urban transportation of the future.

The result of 5 years of engineering, prototyping and testing, the Dragonfly is the only urban transportation to feature the patented first-of-its-kind Full Tilt Steering System, allowing you to enjoy a riding experience like nothing before it.

Intuitively tilt the large, stable platform naturally from side-to-side and carve through the city just like you’d shred down the mountain on a snowboard. Or dial in tighter moves with the added maneuverability of the ergonomic handlebars. The choice is yours.

This is not an e-scooter. This is a Hyperscooter. This is Dragonfly.

The Dragonfly Hyperscooter is the future of urban transportation. A super light and sleek electric vehicle that takes flight through the urban jungle. The refined vehicle for the modern urbanite. The sleek and elegant cruising machine that will turn heads and part the crowds. The platform that will allow you to glide effortlessly through busy streets.

You’ll wish you lived further from the office as you power through traffic and weave past pedestrians at speeds of up to 25 mph (40 km/h) — enjoying a completely reimagined riding experience.

Just lean in and enjoy your next big adventure!

John El Hanafi

The author John El Hanafi

John El Hanafi is Human Diaries’s outdoors, travel, tech, gear and startup editor. Outside the office, you can find him playing soccer, hiking, biking, camping or traveling around the world.

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