ZimaBoard is a new way to develop your own cloud products at home, through the use of an open-source board optimized for cloud and NAS applications. Designed by the team that launched LattePanda, the world’s first Windows 10 computer on a single board. ZimaBoard launched on Kickstarter on January 13th and reached its funding goal in less than 10 minutes, with more than $20,000 pledged in the first hour of the campaign!

ZimaBoard is a low-cost single board server designed for makers and geeks. Zimaboard has both the expandability of a x86 SBC, and the appropriate power of a micro server. With ZimaBoard, you can setup a 4 Terabyte personal cloud in 5 minutes, configure a secure VPN to protect your digital footprint, tune your network with OpenWrt and pfSense, build a 4K media server that runs with Plex, share and collaborate with team members on your files, or upgrade your smart projects across different systems.

ZimaBoard is created by makers who got tired of recurring fees, unfriendly presets and isolated systems. We want to make home digital experience more attractive and affordable.

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