Never stop Learning

“Never Stop Learning” is a life choice; it is the choice to challenge one’s self to discover their strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and goals. It is not restricted to academics and does not blindly perform tasks in an attempt to “hoard” knowledge ; it is social, it is creative, it is emotional, and it is forever evolving. I believe this lifestyle naturally encourages the observation of your full environment, and more importantly positions you to self-reflect. Too often we are distracted by the ins and outs of “life”; self-reflection is the only time where we have a chance to be truly honest with ourselves and discover who we are as individuals.

RYKING started his YouTube channel and designed the merchandise because he wanted to represent something he believes in. He want to encourage people to find themselves through learning and cultivate the greatness that is within them. If you appreciate this sentiment, feel free to share his message, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and purchase some of his merchandise by clicking the links below.

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