The T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure is the world’s most productive tape measure delivering fast, accurate, and forget free measurements with robust digital measuring technology.

The world’s first, professional grade, digital tape measure enables tradespeople, across industries, to collect measurements faster and more accurately than ever before.  A live view, OLED display, shows measurements of the tape measure, digitally, in both english and metric units.  With a click of a button, measurements are saved to a side mounted e-paper display.

LASER ALIGNMENT – The T1 green line projection, that extends the front measuring surface , is ideal for aligning to surfaces.  By extending approximately 3.5″ (90mm) in either direction, it is fast and accurate to correlate measurements displayed on the screen of the T1 to adjacent surfaces, edges and corners.

INSIDE MEASUREMENTS  – While many analog tape measures display the length of the body on the side, fractional math can quickly become cumbersome along with a rear surface that is not flat.  The T1 automatically calculates the length of the tape measure and digitally adds it into the measurement.  Combined with a flat rear measurement surface, taking internal measurements is a fast and accurate process. 

INTEGRATED MARKING – An add on pencil and pen holder mounts to either side of the T1.  The molded V groves in the rubber over mold of the T1 body allows almost any round marking body to align with the front measuring surface and lock in place, allowing one handed marking operations.  

CENTER FINDING – Finding the center of an opening or length is automatic using the center-finding function which displays the center distance (total distance divided by two) on the live view screen.  The number of increments of a given length can be changed and selected to any increment for easy splitting and marking of lengths (3 sections, 4 sections, etc).

While many companies struggle to distinguish their tape measures and make up marketing buzz words to help distinguish one brand from another, we headed back to the drawings boards to develop entirely new technology and form factors to completely redefine what a tape measure is capable of with a focus on professional users. 

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