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Bold Street Coffee. A coffee shop and a necessity to the community. In January we were made to leave our home on 89 Bold Street. But after 6 months of no security we have finally got a way back in! The landlords have changed the site around, and a big fit out is required to reopen. It’s going to cost £75,000 to get us back up and running. £45,000 of this is coming from ourselves. We are fundraising £30,000, and have put everything we have into this project, so we can get back into 89 and keep the pulse of BSC alive!

In 2010 we opened Bold Street Coffee with the simple goal of being Liverpool’s best speciality coffee shop. We had a small but incredibly dedicated team who helped put it all together, from all our design and brand artwork, to our menus and recipes, to playing records and painting the walls.

After 8 years of blood, sweat and tears, we feel we’ve reached far beyond what we initially intended, with endless wonderful times along the way. We’ve won awards and had countless outstanding reviews. We have had such an impact on our local community and have become a Liverpool institution.

Word has spread of our shop, service and products to many other cities around the world through social media, word of mouth, festivals and pop ups. We love what we do and we are so proud of what we’ve done so far.

We cannot thank enough the guests, staff, friends and family that have been such a huge part of the success of Bold Street Coffee. It’s been an absolutely incredible experience for everybody that has worked here, and we adore the shop and everybody that has stepped foot inside – whether it be for breakfast, a quick coffee, or even just a chat with Mags! We want more than anything to keep the journey with our beloved BSC going.


A combination of our lease ending and some issues with the plumbing of the shop, meant the landlords asked us to vacate the premises urgently. We scrambled our ideas together and managed to open up two pop up locations in a short amount of time. However without the shop we have had 6 months loss of earnings and have regrettably had to wave goodbye to some of our longest serving members of staff.

We have been left feeling hugely battered – our guests, our staff and our spirits have felt the full blow of our sudden removal. However..


We can now move back in! Although 2018 has been our toughest year so far, we are seeing this challenge through and are hoping to turn it into our best year ever.

The new site will require £75,000 of work. We are asking to raise £30,000 of that through your support so that we can set back up in our original home – number 89!

As the landlords have changed the interior layout of 89 Bold Street, it actually gives us an opportunity to work with a new layout spread over two floors, and it could/should/will mean we come back bigger and better than ever.

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