Underwater exploration has enraptured humankind for as long as we can remember. But capturing photos and video in a complex and unpredictable environment has remained an elusive dream…

Until now. The Navatics MITO remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is a feat of human engineering. Impeccable stabilization algorithm, 4K camera, a remote control system to explore further, and a waterproof swappable battery system to go longer. All packed into an animal-friendly form factor that fits in your backpack.

We’re proud to introduce Navatics MITO after years of research and development. Scroll down to learn more, and back this project now to to join the mission. Sleek and compact, stable and remote-controlled, Navatics MITO chronicles your sea adventures whatever they may be. Navatics MITO’s portability makes it handy for marine exploration, pool & hull inspection, fishing monitoring and so much more.

In-house advanced active stabilization algorithm in a 4-thruster design for depth and tilt guarantees stability and control. Inertial Measurements Unit and pressure sensors measure its depth and orientation, even in the complex environment underwater. It can react to abrupt changes instantly by calculating and sending command signals to the thrusters for automatic stabilization.

Navatics MITO is the only recreational ROV with an adjustable tilt lock. Adjustable tilt lock from -45 ° to 45 ° enables it to capture a stunning tilt-down or tilt-up shot while moving forward or backward. The custom-designed remote controls Navatics MITO using radio frequency. It connects your smartphone to a wireless transmission system on a waterproof buoy with a range up to 500 m /1640 ft. From there, Navatics MITO can submerge about 40m /131 ft. into the ocean depths.

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