Erin Louise Clancy is a visual and ceramic artist based in Ridgewood, Queens, New York with her husband and partner Solomon Olmstead. Erin utilizes the traditional practices of ceramics, illustration, collage, and printmaking to celebrate the home, daily rituals, and the urban landscape.

Process-based art forms have been at the heart of her practice and artwork from the beginning. Since graduating in 2004 from the Pennsylvania State University with a BFA in Printmaking, Erin has worked extensively in the mediums of printmaking, papermaking, bookbinding, illustration, and collage. It was at Penn State in 2002 that she was introduced to ceramics through their respected program. Ultimately, Erin was drawn to ceramics because it encompasses all the features that she found compelling about making art: texture, design, negative space, functionality, and accessibility. Erin believes functional handmade ceramics are powerful because they incorporate art objects into our daily lives. Additionally, ceramics allow Erin to synthesize her entire background of techniques by incorporating illustration and mark-making on the surface of pots.

Erin is currently raising funds through Kickstarter to establish her own independent studio in New York. This new studio space will enable Erin to focus on the creation of her own line of functional ceramic home and tableware as well as continuing to produce custom pieces for individuals and independent businesses.

E R I N   L O U I S E   C L A N C Y
Ceramic and Paper Works | Queens, New York
KICKSTARTER: Creating a Studio
Instagram: ErinLouiseClancy

Photography: Sammy Tunis

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