Having a great time with your friends is a wonderful thing. Being together with them and enjoying nature is one of the most interesting parts of a person’s life. Because of all the mentioned reasons, my friends and I decided to go on a winter vacation in our neighborhood, more specifically in Bulgaria. We chose this location because it has great ski trails and good hotels too. And another great thing is that it is close and we can get there in a few hours, so it is a good place for the upcoming weekend.

We booked a great hotel that is close to the ski trails and in a few days we started our fun weekend. We stayed there for 4 days and we enjoyed the lovely winter magic. There were a lot of tourists and guests from the Balkan Peninsula and we got close to one group of young people from Sofia.

Every day we went on a different ski trail more exactly on those which were quite a good match for our ski abilities. We spent a lunch break in the local bars and restaurants and we enjoyed the Bulgarian recipes. This food is very similar to ours so we didn’t experience anything new.

During the evenings we had a great time because of the numerous discos and bars. The Bulgarian night clubs offer a different night life and we enjoyed the night until early mornings. We drank whiskey and we partied like never before. Over all, it was an interesting experience. We liked those parties and we want to go there again when we have another chance.

Because we wanted to have a day off, we decided to take a break and to discover the little town and at the same time see what it has to offer to a group of young people. We enjoyed the lovely coffee shops and other clothes shops. We purchased some souvenirs for our families as souvenirs from this
place. We also bought some ski gear because in this place it is less expensive.

On our ‘pause’ day, we enjoyed the pools that are located inside the hotel. We also went to saunas and we had a massage from an experienced physician. We decided to take a chocolate massage and later we had a fish treatment. This was also great because we enjoyed the lovely view of the snow outside. If someone wants to relax and to refresh their minds, this is an ideal place for refilling their energy level.

Escaping everyday work is a good thing to restart the body and mind. We all have to learn how to rest and not to quit. This nature trip is very good for our health because it refreshes our soul. Because we had a perfect time we decided to have another trip to a new place. We decided to write a few places for our next route and to discuss the possibilities of when to travel. We are young and free and as soon as possible we can organize another trip to a new place.

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