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EcoQube Air is a desktop greenhouse designed to improve your quality of life. It adds healthy air, smart light therapy, thriving greenery, and beauty to any space. It’s amazing to say the least. We LOVE IT! With busy schedules, hectic lifestyle this is the best solution for indoor gardening. it provides the perfect environment for plants to grow. The Kickstarter campaign by Aqua Design Innovations raised $262,695 of a $20,000 goal. The success of the campaign is not a mystery because we are all in support of ways to improve our health, the way to breath and consume oxygen. This is a game changer for many. We at Human Diaries LOVE the idea and wishes the inventor the best of luck.

According to their Kickstarter campaign the EcoQube Air Grow food or your favorite plants in any environment, in any season. Grow your plants without direct sunlight. The full-spectrum LED light is programmed to give your plants the exact amount of light it needs to grow fastest.

There are plenty of beautiful aquariums, terrariums, and home gardens out there, but what do they DO for you? The EcoQube air combines FORM with FUNCTION to naturally improve your environment and your quality of life.

According to studies conducted by Exeter University, plant-rich environments providing clean air can boost creativity and productivity, improve your mood, reduce stress, and energize your body.

The cost of individual products adds up in money, space, and time. One Ecoqube Air solves all these needs at a fraction of the cost.

EcoQube Air is durable, compact, and portable. We use the latest technology to make gardening as easy and efficient as possible without the hassle.

We want to experience nature and have a fresh, healthy environment, but this is difficult with our current workspaces, living environments, and societal norms.

Enrich your life and improve your health by bringing nature into your home or office with the EcoQube Air.

Our mission is to improve people’s lives by designing the most beautiful, low-maintenance desktop ecosystems ever. Join our movement to educate everyone about hydroponics and aquaponics, promote sustainability, and transform our living spaces.

Let’s bring nature back into our lives and blur the lines between the outdoors and indoors.

For more details and information on EcoQube Air go to their Kickstarter campaign.

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