Have you ever thought about capturing the perfect sound moment while playing, working and/or listening to music? Well, now you can with newly developed custom headphones by United Sciences.

According to their Kickstarter Campiagn, The Aware is a custom-fit Bluetooth headphone with embedded biometric sensors that reliably measure data such as brainwaves (alpha, beta, and delta), heart rate, steps, distance traveled, and calories burned, among other information, all accessible through your phone. The Aware hearable can track brain waves through EEG and provide real-time feedback about focus, stress, sleep patterns, and relaxation. This enhanced awareness may help users increase focus, lower stress levels, understand their sleep patterns, and help guide them to be more mindful.

It’s a pretty amazing product! Here are some of the features of The Aware:


Audio SoC with Bluetooth 4.1, aptX, and 24-bit high resolution audio support with a 120 MHz DSP
4 channel 24-bit biopotential analog front end (TI ADS1294)
16 GB internal storage for biosignal logging and music
3.7V 220 mAh lithium polymer battery
Glossy black 3D-printed (UV DLP) acrylic
Wired auxiliary audio support

Sensors & Transducers

9-axis IMU: an accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass with integrated digital motion processor
6 low impedance biopotential electrodes
Red/infrared/green high sensitivity pulse ox sensor
Multiple ambient digital microphones per side
In-ear bone conduction digital microphone per side
Wideband high fidelity acoustic transducer

“The Aware hearable will not only connect you to your music and phone, it will also connect you to your mind and body in ways that have not been possible in a consumer product ever before,” says Sam Kellett, CEO and Co-founder of United Sciences. “The ability to reliably and unobtrusively capture biometric and brainwave data opens up limitless possibilities and game-changing applications that will improve the quality of life.”

For more details and information on the aware go to their Kickstarter campaign.

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