Brought to you from Switzerland, the land of chocolate and cheese, this beautifully designed and characterized speakers are nothing but a piece of art! Not only will they fit anywhere, but you get the best sound quality that will go along with that symphony you were hoping to enjoy. An award-winning and best of the best in loudspeaker engineering and design.

According to their Kickstarter campaign, Feniks Audio is the ideal sound system for computers, televisions, turntables, and for small recording studios as well. features includes:

in-house developed 4.5″ coaxial driver
integrated 24-bit/96kHz DAC custom designed for us by world-renowned electronics specialist Gordon Rankin
50W/channel ICEpower amplification module
USB, Toslink, and analog inputs
very high quality amplified headphone stage for late night listening.

Made in Switzerland, a die-cast aluminum cabinet and an innovative modular assembly system ensure that craftsmanship is second to none. With the exception of a few screws, nearly every component is custom designed and manufactured exclusively for the Essence or not available off-the-shelf.

Less than 20cm tall and just 12cm wide, the Essence is:

a work of art for the eyes, ears, and soul
the smallest genuinely high-end speaker system in the world
thefirst high-end computer speaker system in the world designed from the outset for this very purpose. It’s not just a retrofit of a traditional, over-sized MDF speaker
in a review by popular audiophile website 6moons received the rare Blue Moon Award and was called the “world’s best computer speaker system”.
auto standby/wake function so once you choose an input, you almost never have to press a button again
high quality switchable amplified headphone output
the cabinet is entirely die-cast aluminium and composed of a total of three interlocking panels that go together in a unique fully modular assembly method called Feniks Modular Assembly System (FMAS)
a system of grooves which run along all joints and tension rods across the length of the cabinet acoustically seal and lock the entire cabinet to form one solid inert block free from resonances
in-house developed 4.5″ coaxial driver for point-source stereo imaging and breathtaking time coherence, resulting in a dynamic range unheard of for speakers of this size
50W/channel ICEpower® amplification module
made in Switzerland

The Essence is available in 8 visually striking and unique two-tone color combinations.
Front panel: matte powder-coating in black or white
Side panel: glossy powder-coating in black, white, blue, or red

For more details and information on the Essence go to their Kickstarter campaign.

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