Where clipless pedals offer no space for reflectors, or as an addition to standard pedal reflectors: FLECTR VORTEX reflects car headlights back to the source and catches the car driver’s attention.

High-tech compressed into a 2.2 gram light product

Technically FLECTR VORTEX follows the concept of our FLECTR 360 wheel reflector: reflection all around! A rotating curved surface of a bicycle component is ideal to attract 360 degrees of attention. FLECTR VORTEX forms a reflective surface with the highest reflection quality. In addition, it offers a unique formability over any 3D surface and an adhesive strength that is unique on the market. The smart “one size fits all” design together with a centring aid ensures that every crankset becomes an effective 360 degree reflector in seconds.


No reflective film offered to the public has the necessary technical properties for a crank reflector of this type. That is why we have teamed up with the most innovative suppliers of reflective film technology.

Pedal reflectors – if mounted – only work in two directions: forwards and backwards. FLECTR VORTEX wraps razor-thin around the arched profile of the crank arm and reflects light in ANY direction. A big plus for your safety.

We have kickstarted FLECTR ZERO in 2016 and FLECTR 360 in 2017. Thousands of cyclists trust our products and we have gained broad international recognition for bike safety on roads. Be a part of our 6th Kickstarter campaign now!


FLECTR VORTEX fits every bike with common crank arms +++ Set weight: 0.78 oz / 2.2 gram +++ Technology: high-grade cube corner prismatic retro-reflector +++ Reflectors: metalized prisms +++ Adhesive: custom adhesive for reliable bond/can be removed without residues +++ Life cycle 5 – 7 years +++ Installation: self adhering installation – just clean the mounting area from dust and grease and press FLECTR VORTEX onto the crank arm at room temperature.


Reflectors have a big advantage over electric lighting – they do not require maintenance and are still there for you even if your lighting fails. But both, reflectors and bicycle lighting form a system and should always be used together. You decide how much safety you need to feel comfortable cycling. Both increase your visibility for car drivers when riding at night. They won’t make you invincible!

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