Traveling around is very interesting especially if you visit the place for a first time. This time we chose from our travel list a place in Europe that we have to experience it. One friendly night my friends and I decided to go some place where we have not been there before. We wanted to refresh our minds and at the same time enjoy the chosen destination. We searched a little and decided to go to Salzburg. It is a beautiful place that is worth to visit. We were five friends and the journey was very exciting.

We plan a three days stay in this place. We wanted to experience more during our stay. On the first day, when we arrived we went to our booked hotel to have a little break from our long-distance road. After few hours we went out to see what Salzburg have to offer to this young people. But first, we had a coffee break to full the energy level and to be more productive while discovering this wonderful place. We ordered some type of coffee and it came with the well-known Mozartkugel. These chocolates are world known and they are very traditional to this place. They are very delicious and we decided to purchase some as a gift for our family to taste them when we go back home.

After that we decided to visit the other monuments that make this town so special. We went to the bridge where people in love put padlock for having a love that will last forever. That’s the legend says. Because we all believed in this we bought red padlocks and we wrote the first letters of our names with our boy/girlfriends no matter that they weren’t there with us. It was an interesting part of our day because we were so excited and we made a lot of pictures to capture this moment. This is one of the most popular pedestrian’s bridge which is a big attraction of travelers.

Another monument that was on our daily list was the Cathedral of Salzburg. It was an interesting thing because of its turquoise domes and towering facades. As always we captured every small detail that we found interesting. There is a free enter for all visitors so we didn’t miss this opportunity to see how it looks from the inside. One of our friends is an architect so he was very impressed by the details.

Another thing that we saw was the Mirabell Gardens. It is a stunning place that attracts visitors from all over the world. This paradise is better to be visited during the summer days because of the beautiful flowers and grass that are in their bloom period. This garden is also free to enter but we advise you to always check the opening schedule because it varies from one season to another.
However, it was a wonderful trip and we had a great time. We discovered things and meet the Austrian culture. We left many things unseen for the next time we decide to come in this beautiful country.

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