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There are so many beautiful places on this planet, but usually we go to the places that are close to us. We also make decisions about visiting long distance locations but the amount of money we are willing and able to spend plays a key role in our plans. I live in Europe, so I have a lot of places that are on my trip list to be visited. One of them is the Bavarian region located in Germany. We realized this trip together with my closest family.

No one had ever been here from my family, so we decided to take a trip around this region and see its stunning views.

We visited a few interesting things that are highly recommended. We didn’t have much time for more activities but the most interesting locations were on our things to do list.

On our first day, we visited the most famous castle called the Neuschwanstein Castle. It is an interesting building that is in a characteristic location for this region. It is built in an interesting way and it represents true excitement. It has a beautiful garden around it which gives an amazing view of this Castle.

Another great place that was on our trip was the most beautiful garden called Englicher Garten. This place is located in the beautiful Munchen where everyone wants to be a visitor. You can finally enjoy the lovely view of this famous place and at the same time you could refresh your mind and soul. By visiting this garden you fill your energy level and later you could come back fresh and relaxed.

One day we spent our time by drinking Bavarian beer in the local cafes and eating the traditional frankfurters. They are so delicious and we recommend to try them if you decide to travel to this place. We also enjoyed the German spirit and tradition by experiencing their ICE travel system. You feel like you are in the movies because that is an advanced travel system where you can eat in restaurants.

Another location was on our list to visit. That was the Linderhof Palace that is also located in the Bavarian area. This is an amazing building which has an incredible garden where we can enjoy the lovely view. We had a break of a couple of hours when we had our lunch time and after that a time for discovering the palace inside.

We had a great time because we had the privilege to visit this region. Especially because it was with my closest family. We enjoyed this trip while visiting extraordinary locations. Because I am a beer lover, I tasted all the German beers and believe me they were all good. I highly recommend this place to be on your trip list. Every place is beautiful when it’s visited for the first time so believe me you would be excited for it.

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