This season we decided to move on and to visit one great place that is luxurious and beautiful. My friends and I decided to have a ski time in France, more exactly in the place called Val d’Isere. It is a very great place that is visited by millions of people every season. It is a little bit expensive but however we decided to go there and be a part of this marvelous area.

We were 5 persons and we went there with a travel agency. They organize trips to this area every year so that’s why we chose them. We wanted to have a trustful people that would be around us if anything was needed. Our winter pleasure lasted six days.

During this period we had heard and beautiful moments. I say heard because when we started the journey there was a snow storm and the roads were blocked because of the cars and buses that were victims of the weather. We were okay without any damages to our vehicle but somehow we were scared. We were unsure that we could have amazing time.

Fortunately, we were wrong. When we arrived there, the sun was up and all the people were happy and positive. We forgot about the road difficulties and we started to enjoy this marvelous place.
The ski terrains were awesome. We couldn’t get enough time to try and experience every opportunity that was on our way. But, of course we did a lot of things. Every day we were on a different ski trail and we experienced its tunnels and ski hills. There is no better feeling of drinking a French wine during watching the white snow and the solar flare. This way you not only relax your mind and soul but think how to be successful in your business and to allow yourself a better winter holiday next season.

During these six days we experienced the Russian culture as well, because most of the tourists there were from Russia. You could feel the Russian jet-set because they were arriving there by private planes. Because these people were numerous, there you were able to find Russian tradition marks like their popular wooden dolls called Babushka.

At nights, we were tasting some French meals and cheeses. We cooked and we experienced the French cuisines and their quality wines too. One night there was a wine fair, were you had the possibility to taste the best French wines in the region. This was our night, because Macedonian people are known as wine lovers. We bought a few bottles as a gift for our family. We also amused ourselves in the disco and had wonderful nights.

This was one of my best winter holydays. We were reach in experience of other traditions and cultures and a new places too. We saw something new and beautiful and we come home refreshed and full of energy and enthusiasm. We agree that next season we should pan another ski journey but this time on a different region.

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