Ohrid is an attractive town in our country of Macedonia and it is protected by the UNESCO organization. It is a very beautiful place where many tourists come to visit its monuments and enjoy nature. Because of the Ohrid Lake, there are great restaurants, discos, and bars by the lake where the atmosphere is excellent. Every summer there are plenty of festivals that are held here. Many other festivals related to film and culture are the biggest events in this town.

But, Ohrid is very beautiful throughout the year. It has a wonderful view and the people who live here are very kind and generous. Because of this we decided to spend the weekend there in my friend’s vacation house.

We are five friends who decided to take a break from our hard work week and realized it would be a wonderful idea to go to this marvelous place. We were informed that a great Brazilian group would be in the most popular disco and we decided to take this opportunity to relax during the night. The party was in the Cuba Libre Disco which is located by the lake. The group was so spectacular and there were a lot of guests and people in the disco. The music was in the Latino rhythm and we all danced and were happy.

The other day we woke up feeling fresh and with great energy. We decided to have breakfast in one of the lounge bars by the lake. After that we had coffee, and because the weather was sunny we decided to visit the church of St. Jovan Kaneo.  It is in a very beautiful location that attracts with its beauty and lovely view. It is built with stones and it is one of the most popular monuments in Ohrid.

We lit candles for our health and happiness and we walked around in the park that surrounds this place. We enjoyed the amazing view and we were making plans for our next destinations. This place is wonderful especially for those who want to meditate or to relax their mind. People could have psychological therapy and feel rested after this trip.

After this we decided to take a boat trip from the local beach in the town. This trip is very interesting because you are able to visit many places and at the same time you could enjoy the traditional Macedonian music and food. You could order fresh pastrmka – a specific fish from the Ohrid lake. We visited other churches and beaches that represent the most beautiful part of this area.

We truly had a great time. We adore this well organized trip that help us to better discover the natural beauty of this region. We experienced something different from our every day habits and came back home ready for the upcoming week. We made a picture collage and lots of video recordings so we can remind ourselves about these amazing moments.  Ohrid town is a good place also for those who want to be in nature and feel the beautiful colours that this area creates.

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