When played and embraced right, soccer can be one of the most enjoyable sports. The idea of engaging in such an activity is exciting to many and the mentality of the majority of players on the field is generally positive especially since it is a non-contact sport. There are various leagues throughout the country and it’s usually easy to join a team regardless of your age or skill level. There are no limits to having fun!

There are many health benefits to playing soccer. To name a few:

Cardiovascular Health:

Soccer and exercise in general has a favorable effect on risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. It promotes weight loss, helps reduce blood pressure, reduces “bad” cholesterol levels in the blood (the low-density lipoprotein [LDL] level), as well as total cholesterol, and can raise the “good” cholesterol (the high-density lipoprotein level [HDL]).

Improves Muscle Tone:

The constant movement in soccer keeps the muscles engaged over long periods of time, which leads to great muscle tone in general. Soccer also builds more muscle mass and burns more fat; in general, you burn more calories than in typical workouts since players are forced to switch between using the aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways. It’s very rewarding.


While coordination training happens when you exercise using cones, slalom poles and coordination ladders, the same principal applies during a soccer game. You dribble, you speed up, you stop, you jump, you fall and get up constantly which provides coordination overtime. It is crucial to show up for the games and be part of the team, play often and keep your balance and skills for a healthy lifestyle.


I always considered soccer to be one of the best sports out there; I also think that being with the right team with the right attitude provides more structure, balance and mentality that promotes teamwork, friendship and the ability to work out differences.

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