Macedonian Moussaka

I am not a big fan of cooking but everything I do, together with my family is very delicious. This is not my motivation because I found out that cooking is great when you do it together with your family or friends. To be more interesting I invite my friends to have a lunch time together. We can make a desert too and spend some little time like in old good days.

The day was great and the sun was shinning and we were all positive and happy. We decided to go to one of our friends weekend house just to feel more comfortable and alone so we can talk and enjoy the amazing moments together.

The weekend house have a pool outside so we perfectly enjoyed the day. We arrived there in the morning so we woke up with a coffee and fresh orange juice watching the lovely view by the pool. Because we haven’t seen each other for a long time we had a lot to talk about. Every one knows that girls want to gossip during the coffee break so, we had a time for that too.

Before midday, we prepared cocktails and we were swimming in the pool. After this we had a little break and started to prepare the traditional Macedonian Musaka.

There are many ways of preparing this meal but we did it on our way. For this recipe we needed potatoes, meat, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggplant. We separate each other on two groups, so the first group cooked the musaka and the second one prepared the desert.

We peeled the potatoes, carrots, and the eggplants. We fried the meat and we added the mushrooms to the meat. After this we put the potatoes cut in slices to the pan in one level. The second level is made of meat, carrots, and mushrooms. The third level is made of eggplants and we put the tomatoes from the above. We put the pan into the oven and waited for one hour.

During this time the other half of our friends was preparing the desert and the rest of us were washing the dishes. It is known that so many woman in the kitchen is not a good idea but somehow we coordinated each other.

We drank a good white wine for the lunch and we let to drink a few glasses of wine so we could relax a little more. After a while we ate the desert and we realised that we are good housewife and we can repeat all this again.

There is nothing better to spend some time with your friends and discuss some new ideas and also remember about good times. This way we create new memories and who knows maybe some of our ideas will come true. We talked and thought that the next time we could spend some time by the sea while catching the sun and have some fun. It is highly recommended to be with your friends and to do crazy things for being happy and content

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