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When I was a kid, I had certain hobbies.  Of course, my activities changed over time as I grew older.  But recently, I started doing something that is somewhat reminiscent of my childhood.  By now, I’m sure pretty much everyone has heard about the fairly new trend of adult coloring pages.  Instead of simple, basic line drawings and crayons, the adult coloring pages are much more intricate and adults use colored pencils or markers to do their coloring.  Just like in the past, the pages are often sold in coloring books.  It’s also possible to find free ones online.  I recently found out about two websites, but I know there are plenty of others.  My kids also like to color, so I came up with an idea.  The one website I found allowed downloading the pages, but the process of viewing and then downloading each page was a bit tedious.  One Saturday, I was exhausted, and didn’t have as much housework as usual to do for the weekend.  I decided to sit on the couch and I took the time to save pages into a folder on my computer.  Now if any of my kids or I want to color, we can quickly browse through that folder and print out something that interests us.

I went out and bought new boxes of 72 colored pencils, and gave one of them to the kids.  My husband and I got the other one.  I found a jar of the right size and put my colored pencils in it for easier access.  I also bought new clipboards for everyone so we have a place to keep our current coloring page.  It was an easy and inexpensive set up, and now we’re all ready to go!

We’ve printed out and colored several pages already, and I like that I can color for just a few minutes, or for much longer when I have the time.  It is rather relaxing.  I might even decide to color in some of the kids’ old coloring books I still have.  I’ll most likely use the pencils instead of crayons, though.

One website I have used is  One thing I like is the variety they have.  They have the very popular mandalas, but also have other categories such as nature, travels, and art.  There is a section of kids’ coloring pages, too.  They also feature several artists, who create coloring pages.

I agree with those who claim that coloring can help reduce stress.  If you haven’t yet, maybe you can give it a try!  If you want to share your coloring pages on Human Diaries, you can send them to us by using this link: Submit your stories

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