Matthews, North Carolina, August 2017

TranFixion Design (TFD) has launched their newest custom design, Rad-E Radial Piston Spinner, on Kickstarter. A fidget spinner that will make you forget all the rest. A precision engineered, unique all-metal spinner that has the same cam-driven, piston pumping action as a tri-piston radial engine in planes. Kickstarter

Designed by TFD designer and lead engineer, Shawn White, Rad-E is an innovative addition to the ever growing spinner market. This one, however, is quite different, not only does it spin well, but it has the visual appeal of dual-sided piston pumping action, something that is truly unique and a “first” for the spinnerverse. “We like designs that are multi-dimensional and kinetic; Rad-E is the culmination of months of design and testing. And it delivers on both aesthetic, kinetics and fidgetability,” notes Leigh White, collaborator and designer.

There has been much chatter about how spinners help with concentration, stress, ADHD and so on, however, none of the current spinners on the market do anything other then ‘spin’, so the TFD design team was inspired to elevate the bar and create a fidget spinner that wasn’t just static and actually did more. And Rad-E was born. It’s piston pumping action replicates the age old movement of a radial piston engine as you spin it. And best of all, as Shawn stated, “No gas needed here, you just spin it and the pistons go!” Rad-E Spinner has all metal construction, with the 6 custom designed parts (2 brass parts & 4 stainless steel parts). Materials were chosen after evaluating very low-friction interfaces for the piston motion. A Boca SR4 hybrid ceramic bearing (SI3N4 balls) is used to provide maximum spin / fidgetability. And the cupped stainless steel finger caps come in a choice of natural or flame-anodized colors.

TFD decided to launch their Rad-E Spinner on Kickstarter to introduce their growing product line to a larger audience. “After our successful Tool Arc Multi-tool project, we wanted to do something different, and then the spinner craze hit and we wondered if we could do something unique with it and yet maintain the spinner feel,” said Shawn. As a highly fidgetworthy spinner Rad-E is a union of craftsmanship and motion, with ones eyes being drawn to the moving brass pistons as you move the spinner – simply hypnotic.

TFD began in 2015, with a vision of designing and making precision engineered everyday carry gear, that wasn’t mass produced in a faraway factory. Founded by Shawn White, a designer and mechanical engineer with over 20 years of product development experience in the aerospace and music industries, TFD has been rapidly growing and adding original designs to their growing catalog. Together with his wife and partner in crime, Leigh, he’s always challenging himself with creating new designs and unique everyday carry gear, from spinners, to multi-tools to spin top and beyond! As an everyday carry guru and outdoors enthusiast, Shawn likes camping and anything related to tools and metal. When he’s not in his workshop, he’s in front of his dual monitors creating his awesome designs and programming his CNC mill to bring those designs to life. Stay tuned for the next creation!

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