Sourdough Fermenter

Make your own starter at home with simple ingredients in only a few steps with this easy-to-use beautifully designed fermenter. Everyone can eat better bread without the use of commercial yeasts that may contain many additives.

Sourdough Fermente

Sourdough starter is always ready for your next baking, stored in a versatile cup-lid. It serves as a lid for fermentation jar and as a measuring cup. The markings on the sidewall of the cup-lid will help you accurately measure the water and flour at each feeding of the starter. Also, Cup-lid safely covers the fermentation jar but not airtight. 

The Sourdough Fermenter allows the airflow and helps boost the live cultures in your sourdough starter. You will have an active levain ready for baking in no time. Lock down the lid with a click!  Fermentation clock makes it easy to keep track of fermentation progress. Rubber band additionally serves as a level marker, to easily follow the rise and catch the levain at its peak!   

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