PolySmoother is an extremely convenient tool for polishing 3D prints. Choose the right solvent for the model and set a suitable temperature and place the object in the container 5-10 minutes (the time varies depending in the quality of the model and the layer thickness). In vapor smoothing, the solvent will vaporize from heating and then the “vapor” will surround and interact with the surface of the model. Gradually, the surface is dissolved, and when the process is complete, you will be amazed by its whole new look – all the layer lines gone and only a clean and smooth surface finish!

Whether it is a tiny model, a long object or a big one with a complicated structure, they can be all taken care of by PolySmoother following the instructions. Although PolySmoother is not outstanding in terms of its minimalist appearance, it is certainly stunning when you realize how powerful its features can be.

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