I’m one of the few people who have had the opportunity to see and even hold a Satori jacket. I’ve also seen Packsture’s first jacket, which was on Kickstarter in 2019. While both jackets have some similarities, there are some differences as well. I found both jackets impressive. Both look good, and will keep you warm and dry. Technically, you could use either one in any situation, but I can definitely see justification for having both of them. The original Packsture jacket is more rugged, and the best for the harshest weather conditions. I have one, and it’s definitely my first choice on the coldest winter days! It’s ideal for activities such as hiking through the woods, camping, skiing, and other extreme weather sports. If you really love the outdoors, I recommend the original Packsture jacket:

The Satori jacket can also keep you warm and happy, but it seems to me to be more suited for social activities, such as a night out, or a formal event. I definitely can’t wait to get a Satori jacket! If you want to stay warm while looking really good, you’ll want a Satori jacket, too!

Some of the features to love about Satori:

There is a double sided, adjustable, insulated, and detachable hood, consisting of two layers so that it moves with your head. That gives you many options.

Under arm stretchable ventilation fleece can keep you from getting overheated without getting chilled, either.

Four large insulated inside pockets with zippers give you plenty of storage space for your favorite take along items. You can easily fit your electronic devices and chargers, as well as other things. I like to keep hand cream, lip balm, tissues, pen and paper, and extra gloves.

All YKK zippers on this jacket. YKK makes the most popular and reliable zippers. Packsture has only YKK zippers on their Satori jacket so those take along items will remain securely in the zipped pockets.

Non-down 3M Thinsulate insulation; no birds were plucked in the making of this jacket! Feel warm and look good without guilt. Also, no odd smells from feathers, no feathers escaping the jacket, and no worries about wet weather.
Durable water repellent finish keeps you dry and comfortable.

Protective high neck keeps you warmer even if you remove the hood.

Windproof, so it won’t feel like the wind is going right through you.

Satori is easy to clean; it is machine washable, and quick drying. No expensive dry cleaning bills, chemical smells, dragging the jacket to the cleaners before they close, or waiting to get your jacket back from the cleaners.
Adjustable slim cuffs so you can keep the cuffs tight or looser, depending on your preference.

Satori keeps you warm, even when it’s wet (although the water repellent finish keeps rain out and the ventilated fleece helps reduce sweat, so wetness is unlikely).

Lotus effect technology – the water beads up, and pulls dust and dirt particles with it, keeping the surface of the jacket cleaner.

100% recycled ripstop shell is tough and durable, and uses materials that might otherwise end up in landfill areas.
Lightweight and compressible, so it’s easy to pack and carry.

3 insulated outer pockets for your hands, gloves, and anything you want to keep more accessible.

Drop back keeps you warmer when sitting down, so your back isn’t exposed.

Hypoallergenic fill instead of down. Some people are allergic to down, or at least the particles that tend to stay in down.

Odor-free, unlike down.

Satori is built to last, which is good for your wallet, and the planet.

The Satori jacket has the slightly ‘puffy’ look of down, but without the problems of down. One additional benefit of the Satori jacket it that it costs less than similar brands! The absolute best prices are available NOW, on Kickstarter.

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