The world is full of positive energy but the question is: Can you conquer it? It is said that there are those who hold the key to limitless power that changes the lives of many on a daily basis and those who do nothing! It is our decision to see and touch and be part of something incredible or be left behind.

Human Diaries had the pleasure to meet and speak to a Yoga Master, Amanda Dondeligner, one of the few who conquer the positive energy and share it with many. We are humbled to say the least, and we are amazed with her positive tone, energy and the will to help and achieve. Will you join us and congratulate this young lady on her accomplishments? Would you be interested in joining her programs and make some drastic changes in your life? If that is the case, please read our full exclusive interview with Amanda Dondeligner. Hope you enjoy it!

Q: Hi Amanda. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I am a joyful and powerful spirit who is here to bring so much to people, that I am bursting to share it! I am a yogi, an energy healer, a meditation instructor, and a musician. I have been a trumpet player and a vocalist 25 years. I am experimenting with chant, which has been very powerful in my life and to students in my practice. Super excited to be here, and to share in the journey!

Q: How long have you been a Yoga instructor, and what inspired you to do it? Do you enjoy it?

Amanda Dondelinger
Amanda Dondelinger

A: I think I have been a yoga instructor all my life, I just didn’t know it until two and a half years ago when I was formally trained! I was in a transformative time of chaos as I was hitting wall after wall from living the life I was told I should live: corporate success, follow the grind. I tried so hard to spread my light everywhere in that environment and it turned out that, there was no where for my light to spread! I had filled the space I could there, and I was feeling very constricted, which made me incredibly depressed. I couldn’t figure out why my light wasn’t growing or being received. It turns out, it was being received, but it just wasn’t the venue or place for my light to fully expand. I had outgrown my environment, just like when we outgrow the womb and must go through birth into a new and bigger place. I am a natural yogi, I love it!

From practicing my yoga, I have developed an extremely heightened awareness of what goes on in my body. I am currently assisting researchers in finding ways to solve body and mind issues that we all experience. They are trusting my feedback on what I sense and detect, and they are seeking solutions guided by this feedback. It’s very fascinating and I’m loving every step! I was nearly a trained Chemist, so I enjoy science and discovery VERY much. Being able to facilitate the scientific process in harmony with intuitive science is the ultimate in cutting edge technology, and I hope more scientists seek to partner with yogis to find our way into more and more solution! We will explode in growth if we do this!

Also, I am a prenatal yoga specialist. I have found this to be a great gift, as it’s a major transitional time for the women, and it is the easiest time for them to make major shifts to empowerment. This is a GRAND opportunity for them and myself! And anyone who seeks to drop unserving habits and negative life patterns. I receive such wonderful feedback from the moms in my classes, how I’ve helped them find peace and harmony with themselves and their bodies and minds, and how much the classes and techniques they have learned assisted them through their birthing process and transition into motherhood. This is probably the most rewarding aspect of my business.

Q: What are the unique aspects of your business?

A: I have a generous spirit. You will get ALL of me, EVERY time, no matter the price point that you choose to engage with my business. That is just who I am! I enjoy laughter, and have a great sense of humor, and that allows me to access the deepest depths of spiritual truth. If you seek truth, and living in harmony with your self and existence, I’m your woman! Together, we bring solution. And unique solution. I hear you deeply, and together, we will do amazing work!

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Right now, I teach live-streaming virtual classes so moms and students can gather wherever they are to enjoy interactive yoga. Some services I especially have for moms and expectant families, are Blissful Birthing, which is a combination of self practice and group coaching, where you prepare the way for blissful birth and become empowered knowing your choices, and nature hikes and meditations. I also teach at some brick and mortar studios, and offer energy healing over distance and in person, for both people and places.

I offer a myriad of interesting classes and coaching programs, from banishing depression and addiction, to utilizing powerful zen habits to integrate any new positive habit into
your life effortlessly (including health and fitness), and group healing sessions. All of these services are available remotely or in person. I especially love connecting to conscious, powerful business leaders in the world, to assist their journeys with 1-1 or small group coaching to help them create more joy, space and abundance for all whom they guardian and themselves as leaders.

Q: Where can I find out about these services and classes?

A: You can find the information on my public Facebook page for now. Over time, I am transitioning this information to a website that is currently under construction.

Q: Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished thus far?

A: Oh YES! And NO! Yes in that I am so happy on where I have been so far, as I look at the footprints I have left in the sand behind me. And no, in that I have so much more to give, and I cannot wait to unlock more and more of me to give more to the earth and our experience!

Q: What plans do you have for the future?

A: I plan on building a customized member area for expectant mothers, so they can come together in community and support one another, as well as receive customized mini-yoga sessions for specific conditions and ailments during pregnancy, as well as full practice options for each trimester of pregnancy, both recorded and live. This will enable them to have information to prepare their minds, bodies and spirits for birth and adding a new family member. Included in the membership area, I will
also offer coaching services and empowering information on resources for birthing and what options are available to mothers in all birthing plans, enabling them to find the truth on what power of choice they DO have in the birth process.

I plan on creating a cutting-edge business model that is the wave of the future, which will empower all levels of service in a corporation and business, so that leaders can come to understand that, when they empower their charge, they empower themselves and the world over. This will transform life and work as we know it, and I can teach them the business model which will create such powerful, amazing results, leaders will be knocking down my door to get access. Any business leaders interested in co-creating this with me are welcome to contact me. I already have massive insights on how to do this, and putting it into practice and sharpening it will make this applicable to all businesses and help them faster! I also plan on creating major events for people to unleash their powerful energy – in Yoga House and Trance flow, where we can have hundreds gathered together and, after gentle centering and flow, we come to a climax and dance free of inhibition. Dance is one of the most powerful shamanic tools in the toolkit. And I will shower the experiencers with affirmation after affirmation. It will be incredible! Also, I will be doing mass mantra sessions with great numbers of people. And giving them practical ways this will transform their lives.

My goal is to create a universal event worldwide, to have us all flow and dance to a simulcast! What power of transformation we have in doing this ALL TOGETHER! Wow! Mindblowing! I see also that birthing centers will have been created so that we can empower our mothers who bring us into this life to become all they can be, and thereby empowering each and every one of us. Where birth can be rejoiced and we understand its sacred nature in ALL of our lives. Men and women both!

Q: Where do you see your business 5 years from today?

A: I see my business at explosive growth, where we have incubator teams who are working on breaking through on scientific innovation on how we live, worldwide. A global team, sharing our insights and innovations for healthful, sustainable living in locales, and seeing that we all have the power to transform our areas where we live! I see the war torn areas beginning to shift and change. And becoming the leaders in our transformation! Those with the most pain and suffering have the biggest
power to transform and create change!

Q: Why do you think people should join your professional network?

A: Who wouldn’t! haha. I say this in all humor and seriousness. We come together. We grow. We learn. And this is where the razor’s edge of life resides – where we grow, learn, and grow again. Who wouldn’t want to be connected to those messages and opportunities to come together in community?

Q: Have you been in any shows yet? Where else have you been featured?

A: I have not been in any shows as of yet! I am just getting bold enough to step out, and show my light! So I’m excited to see where I go from here!

Q: Any humorous stories you want to share with our readers?

A: Yes! My life IS humor! I enjoy making funny video clips and songs, with a really off-beat sense of humor, which I plan on making into a comedy show or podcast. Stay tuned! The humorous stories I would share here pertain to prenatal classes, and, let’s just say that the prenatal audience would appreciate them, but it’s not for everyone! haha! 🙂

Q: What do you think of Human Diaries?

A: I LOVE Human Diaries! I love this concept. Being able to report on whatever we focus on is critical to our success or demise as a human race. Understanding that, yes, things happen, but that we have the power to change. And the power to make positive impact. And the power to change and rewrite our collective stories how we see fit! We can weave a new dream, full of hope, salvation and love! So proud to be a part of this. Thank you!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your interview. I liked the part of coming out of the womb. Watching my daughter , she had four pregnancies , four children, with working and being pregnant was really stressful for her. I tried to teach her inner strength , which she caught on, she had a very very low tolerance for pain when younger, she learned she did have inner strength & all her childbirths were natural. I was so proud watching her give birth. Each birth was different.
    The way you spoke tells me you will reach all your goals because they are special , directive in a grand way. My best to you

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