No one does it better than John. He is the man you have been looking for all your life! With limitless & very powerful knowledge in the real estate industry, John holds the key to your heart and home. A child at heart, John is a very well known individual in the whole Philadelphia region. From Radnor Township to Center City, he did it all. We would like to believe that there are those who put in a good fight for you and those who treat you just like the next person. If you haven’t been connected with John yet, do it right away! Human Diaries had the utmost privilege to meet with John on several occasions and got the inside scoop of how he does it and does it with a big lovely smile. Hope you enjoy the following interview we had with him.

Q: Hi John, How long have you been in real estate and what inspired you to do it?

A: I spent a few years after college working on merchant ships: container ships, freighters, “spy ships” in the Indian Ocean… all sorts of personalities on those ships! I got to see the Marcus Hooks of everywhere. Then I spent ten years in the TV Studio/advertising/ad agency business as the Salesman/Producer. It’s a people business, smoothing the feathers of the businessmen and the creative types at the agency. Then I spent ten years as a stock broker/investment specialist… I sold mutual funds, corporate bonds, bought and sold individual stocks, options. Again, very much a people business in terms of understanding people’s goals and aspirations. Then after rehabbing houses and buying and selling rental properties on my own account in my spare time I decided to go into real estate full-time & spent the last ten years helping people buy and sell real estate: their own homes, investment properties, leasing real estate… every day is different… no transaction is the same (EVER!).

Q: Do you enjoy it?

A: I enjoy this business, yes. Every day it’s a new set of challenges!

Q: What are the unique aspects of your business?

A: I have a unique way of pricing real estate… a unique system by which I help people sell their real estate in short order. I work with investors and landlords as well as private individuals.

Q: Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished thus far?

A: Never satisfied, no. I want to do MORE MORE MORE!

Q: What plans do you have for the future?

A: I give regular seminars in real estate at local libraries in Montgomery County, Chester County and Delaware County… Seminar Title: “16 Days & SOLD!: Buying and Selling Real Estate in Today’s Market.” I go over The Market from the MacroBigPicture right down to how to detail a home for resale… interesting, informative, entertaining.

Q: Where do you see your business 5 years from today?

A: Five years? C’mon

Q: Why should someone choose you to be his/her REALTOR?

A: My specialty is the rarest of all things in this world: straight talk … based on hard evidence and firmly based in reality. My motto is “The Market Is The Market. Let’s Identify it Quickly & ‘Get it Done!’”

Q: Do you have any advice for someone thinking of buying or selling a home?

A: My advice to anybody buying a home today is YOU ARE IN THE CAT BIRD SEAT! The Golden Rule of Real Estate applies today in spades: “He who has the gold RULES!” My advice to anybody selling real estate today is “Listen to The Market.” Look at the evidence… look at the data like an appraiser will be looking at… this is no time to be dreaming about 2006 pricing; those days are gone forever.

Q: Are you a member of any organization?

A: I’m active in Bryn Rose Civic Association and the Garrett Hill Civic Association. 2014 I was appointed by the Commissioners of Radnor Township as Member, Garrett Hill Implementation Committee. Member in good standing at Holy Ascension Orthodox Church in West Chester where I was instrumental in managing the sale of 10 acres in Malvern.

Q: What have you learned from doing real estate all these years?

A: I learned that the actual real estate comprises maybe 5% of this business. Like any business, this is 95% a people and personal relationship business. My role is very similar to the role of a doctor or attorney in that the issues that are at the heart of any real estate transaction are often very emotional issues rife with human frailty… my job is to gently and in a loving way navigate the human emotions that are at the heart of each transaction.

Q: How has the real estate business changed since you first started?

A: The internet’s influence has revolutionized this business in unparalleled ways. The Buyers and Sellers both have more information than ever before! Buyers and Sellers today are overloaded with data… all of which is a good thing because Buyers and Sellers today have the ability from their living rooms to be so informed and so knowledgeable.

Q: Any humorous stories you want to share with our readers?

John Child Homes
John Child

A: I should write a book. Here’s one: I was working with buyers who saw maybe a dozen homes… all of which had big Feng Shui problems. I learned a lot about Feng Shui and kept notes… it’s very involved, so I kept track. After a few weeks we put an offer in on a beautiful place in Radnor Township, but I noted that the house had a lot of Feng Shui issues! After settlement I asked them about the contradictions & the lady of the house told me: “John, you’re right about the feng shui here is not right. But you have to understand that we didn’t want to insult or confront the sellers of those other houses because that would have been impolite; so if we don’t like a house for whatever reason we blame Feng Shui. And you’re right, the feng shui is all wrong here, but wow, what a deal!”

Q: What do you think of Human Diaries?

A: Great idea…

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  1. Nice interview, sounds like a man that gets his work done fast but more than willing to please his clients. The type of house is the most important factor and he stressed that than the price. Staying within budget is very hard to do so his knowledge in the market , stocks , mutuals ect.. Gives him a great edge.
    Your a very well educated man and seems like it would be pleasant doing business, because you don’t push, you offer, step back and wait.
    If I was looking for a home , I would consider you as I usually do my homework also, when I’m making a huge purchase
    Good Luck in the future

    1. Thank you Christine! John is such an amazing REALTOR! We’ve known him for a very long time and he sure deserves the recognition. He does his job well and does it with a smile. This interview is a true testament of his hard work and dedication to his clients. You should listen to his funny jokes lol

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