Super fish woke up and noticed that he obtained no damage. “Is that one of my super powers?” Mr. Jalapeno said. “What is one of your super powers?” Dave asked. “No injuries.” “No. You were just out for days. We had to feed you trough a tube. We had to get the Parana to bite the owner in order for her not to take you.” What Paran√°?” “Spug got a new costume. I will now train you to use your super powers.” So super fish trained all day, and the next day he was a full on super hero. “help!” yelled spug. He was dressed as a minno and was being chased by a real paranna! He froze the parrana with his ice breathe, hid spug, and unfroze him with his heat breathe.

When super fish got home he was much happier. He soon found out that his owner got new fish. His new family members included Zipper, Lazer, Thor, Rosie or Chandler(we haven’t decided), Orina, Summer, Dave Ming Chang jr., Midnight, Mark, and Rip-Tide the frog (he just died yesterday, but that’s no reason to not include him, also twig, spug, Mr.Jalapeno, and Shadow are still alive).

Join us soon for Super fish episode five: My new super family. Super fish behind the scenes will happen soon.


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