Super Fish Episode Two There’s a New “Fish” in Town

As the fish pondered if the fish was that fish and if he was crazy, they stumbled upon a flounder that they had never seen before. “Are you new to our school?” Shadow asked. The fish said nothing. The teacher asked him to tell the class his name. He said nothing. It seemed like he was very sluggish. At the end of the day all the fish went to their homes, but the flounder stayed put. The gang decided to have a stake out on Friday. Before they had a stake out they needed to prepare. Shadow convinced his parents that there was a sleepover in school and Twig told his parents that he was going to study all night. They had a stakeout and noticed something.

Dave Ming Chang swam up to the flounder and said “Come out, it’s safe.” Then the flounder seemed to shed his skin like a reptile and a sea snail came out. “?!@%&$#@!” (Don’t worry it’s not cursing the snail was just communicating with his feelers) “One second. Hey chandler! come and translate!” “okay, okay, hold your sea horses Dave I’m coming!” He’s saying this flounder costume is too hot.” Chandler said. “It’s okay Spug we’ll make it better.” Shadow, Mr.Jelapeno, and Twig (as any other stupid movie or television show character would) jumped out and yelled in unison “I knew you were hiding something!” Spug said “%&&($#%@$^*.” “He’s saying don’t tell anyone I just want to be part of the school” Chandler said. “Don’t worry we won’t” said Shadow. On Monday they pretended that nothing had happened. “There’s still one thing I don’t understand” Shadow said, “Are you the fish from the mental hospital and so far, have all of your predictions be correct…”

Just info Chandler is not a fish from my tank, But if you want then the next fish I get will be Chandler. Also, let me know if you want another super fish and info on my real fish like Twig thinks that he is a bird and Shadow thinks he’s a dog. So stay tuned for “Behind the scenes, super fish.” and “Why do I know the combo to your lock?”

By C.D.

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