Since people became civil and bred dogs and cats, it was believed that they are the ideal family pets. This is far from the truth. All pets have ups and downs, but the question isn’t “the” perfect family pet, it is “our” perfect family pet. If you live alone then almost any pet could work depending on your schedules, fears, and allergies.

For example, today I decided that if we were to get a pet other than our fish, it would be a rat. I factored in the fact that we aren’t always home, that it isn’t a reptile, that they are extremely intelligent, and that they eat just about anything. I also thought about the negatives of other animals like the fact that a ferret would need a lot of medical attention and that a giant land snail would be injured by the oils in our skin.

If you think about it, every pet is the ideal family pet as long as it fits in. Here are some pointers on the finding of your new family pet. If you are allergic to dogs and cats get a chicken, if you are allergic to feathers get a reptile, if you live in a house that loses power often get a rat, if you’re looking for a pet that doesn’t need much attention get a land snail, if gastropods freak you out get a crab, if you’re looking for a pet that lives long, get a water turtle, if you’re looking for a pet with fur try a dog or cat, and if you’re looking for a small furry pet try a guinea pig, gerbil, or mouse. In other words, any pet can truly be man’s best friend.

Here is some specific information on certain animals. Dogs need a lot of attention, cuddling, exercise, playing, and they need to be taken outside. If you have time and want a fuzzy animal, a dog is perfect for you. Fish don’t need much on the everyday scale, but they do need a water change and the tank cleaned.

Ages of children have a lot to do with it too; if they are a baby then don’t get fish because tapping on the glass can injure or kill them; however a small child could learn responsibility and empathy by taking care of them. They can also learn that not just humans have emotions; after all fish can sometimes act like a human too. Fish are a good pet for new families who have at least some time every week; you only need a couple of seconds every day to take care of them, and a child or children between ages five and eleven.

Land tank animals don’t need much attention, but like it. Most only need to be fed every few days, and their tanks only need to be cleaned about once a week. These are ideal pets for smaller children who are still learning responsibility and parents who tend to be busy. Reptile tank animals have to be checked on often (for snakes to make sure they didn’t escape), and fed every day (except snakes). However, reptiles can become nasty and hiss at you if you want to play with them. These animals are better for families whose power doesn’t often go out, who have slightly older kids, and who will find them cooler than other tank animals. You do have to be careful with reptiles, though. They carry salmonella and E. coli which can breed food poisoning and can, but not likely, cause death, so wash your hands after touching them. There are so many choices out there, and the perfect one isn’t always a dog or cat, so be mindful when picking a family pet, because anything can be perfect. A perfect pet doesn’t exist, but your perfect pet does.

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  1. Dear Christina,

    I enjoyed your story. I love animals too, they are precious and make life so much better.

    Melissa 🙂

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