Super Fish Episode Three Why Do I Know The Combo To Your Lock?

At school they finally got locks and they weren’t supposed to tell them to anyone. Later that day everyone thought it was weird that they had lockers strapped to them and were talking about it (like any other rumor or new thing). Twig said at lunch time “Dang it! I forgot my lock code! now how will I ever try diet fish flakes?” “You could just go home and get more” said Shadow.” 43, 37, 18″ said Mr. Jalapeno. Twig tried it… It works! “How did you know my combo, I didn’t tell you…” “I told you” Dave Ming Chang said and then swam away dramatically into the shadow. “Huh?” thought Twig out loud. I guess Dave WAS right and not crazy after all. ‘flounder’ swam up to them and handed Mr. Jalapeno a note. It read “don’t show this to anyone. Meet Dave at 221 West Fish Avenue at 9:00 pm.

When he went Dave explained everything “You must not tell anyone, or at least not any civilians. You have heat breathe, ice breathe, telekinesis, time travel, and super strength. I will only say this once though, you may not fight any crime until they stop looking for me. I was the one who escaped from the mental institution. Don’t tell anyone that part. For now you lay low and don’t use your super powers.” Mr. Jalapeno replied “How did I know Twig’s locker code?” Dave explained “That was just the time traveling power. Only your memory traveled, so you knew even though you never went there. You saw him practicing his code. Remember don’t tell anyone.”

He woke up the next morning feeling quite tired. When he ate breakfast the area around him almost boiled. He felt like he was being cooked alive! When they got to school he felt so cold he thought he might freeze. After a long day of weird things, he went straight to Dave and passed out. He felt like a million different times were happening at once. He fought the tiredness, anxiety, and nausea and lost…

sorry super fish fans, but up next is not the new episode up next is super fish behind the scenes. There will also be another section attached called who do you want to be in super fish? In that you will see the new fish I got and a little about them. No matter what you say I will choose one and you will choose the others. I might add them all, maybe all at once, maybe not. Let me know in the comments please!

By C.D.

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