Traveling can be stressful, or fun – and is often a mixture of both. The more prepared we are before we leave, often the better the traveling experience. It’s not much fun to get to your destination and realize you forgot something important! Most things can be purchased, but it’s not always the most convenient thing to do. For example, if you realize you forgot something in the middle of the night, or soon after unpacking the car when you’re exhausted and don’t feel like going back out anywhere. Also, some things are difficult to find, or even impossible. No one wants to call around to get a prescription filled in time for the next dose. Or try to replace a loved stuffed animal late at night in an unfamiliar place. Some children have trouble falling asleep without these special items.

I came up with a quick and easy solution to help prevent these mishaps. It might not make a destination any more interesting, but it has definitely made getting ready to go somewhere faster and easier for me. Most importantly, it made the entire process more efficient, since I can quickly pack exactly what I need, without having to worry that I’m forgetting something. I typed up a list of things I need to remember to pack, and also a list of tasks that need to be completed before departure. I cross off items I don’t need to take or do for that particular trip, or ones I’ve already packed or finished. I have everything on there from clothes to presents for people I’ll be visiting. The tasks include things such as taking out the garbage (to avoid a mess upon returning), to changing the oil in the car. I add and delete things as needed. Now I don’t have to worry that I’ll forget to print out directions, stop the mail delivery, check to make sure the doors are locked, take money for tolls, or check the weather at our destination to ensure packing the right clothes. Prescriptions, dress clothes, pajamas, and my camera won’t be left at home. And when I arrive on my vacation, I can relax and enjoy myself instead of doing unexpected shopping – extra time and money I don’t want to spend!


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