MetMo Driver

A piece of engineering history re-imagined for the modern day. MetMo Driver is a hybrid of the hand braces of old (the pre-cursors to electric drills) and modern ratchet screwdrivers.

Like a Swiss watch, each component interlocks perfectly so you can enjoy the endless motion of MetMo Driver’s moving parts. 

Modern ratchet screwdrivers are built to a cost and made from cheap plastics. The team at MetMo studied and reverse engineered a tool first designed in the early 1900’s by Conrad Baumann. The original design was purely a screwdriver, but with standardisation of bits we saw a huge opportunity to turn this concept into one hell of a multi-tool, hence the new MetMo driver.

MetMo Driver is compatible with all standard removable Hex drive bits, so you can use it with 1000’s of modern fixtures, including your favorite brands from all over the world. Or use with standard adaptors to make it even more versatile!

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