Meet SOAPBOTTLE, a new line of personal care that comes in packaging made from soap. Once the liquid content is finished, the empty container can be used as hand soap and “washes away” over time. Waste can be completely avoided.

This innovation rethinks everyday items and takes your experience with personal care to a new, enjoyable and meaningful level – without compromising sustainability.

The problem: Every year, millions of tons of packaging waste are sent to landfills or disposed of into the environment, leading to the drastic degradation of the natural ecosystems on which we depend on. Disposable and single-use plastic account for the largest share, including packaging for personal care products which often last for only a few weeks but result in long-term damage to the planet. So, why is packaging still made from materials such as plastic, that take more than 400 years to decompose?

Our solution: By turning the product into packaging, we have transformed the concept of packaging-free cosmetics to design a sustainable SOAPBOTTLE for liquid care products. Unlike any other packaging, the SOAPBOTTLE is made from a soap formula that can be entirely used like hand soap and “washes away” together with the waste water over time. Finally, it decomposes in the sewage plant within a few days, so that waste can be completely avoided.

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