Plybot fuses together world class hardware with intelligent software to deliver the ultimate 3D printing experience. The UK Young Engineer of the Year, Josh Mitchell and Printrbot founder, Brook Drumm are proud to bring you a new and exciting 3D printing experience.  Simple to use, superior quality components,  and a design that looks different to any other 3D printer.

Plybot’s arms are one-of-a-kind, and aren’t just for show! Aside from looking human, the vastly simplified arm design allows it to print bigger, faster, and more reliably.

Plybot has its very own app, available on iOS and Android. Use it to control your Plybot, find objects to print, and order new filament and accessories for your machine. If you want to use your own software, we won’t restrict you, but for those of you that just want something that works out of the box – One-Click printing is finally here!

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