Wind Catcher

Wind Catcher is a revolutionary new one-of-a-kind wind turbine. It is lighter, more powerful and easier to use than any other wind power system and weighs just 10kg!

Created by an award winning Red Dot engineer and a Denmark based team, Wind Catcher has a ‘Plug and Play’ system that is compatible with the most popular off-the-grid units.

The KiteX Wind Catcher is packed full of features… Here are some highlights:

  •  Portable: Easily packed up and carried, setup in 15 minutes by one person
  •  Powerful: Charge eBikes, electronics, appliances to backup batteries
  •  Constant: Works during the day and night, even at low 8mph speeds
  •  Eco-friendly: Clean renewable energy, using recycled plastics throughout
  •  Lightweight: Weighs only 10kg (22lbs), using strong glassfiber rods, and EPS foam
  •  Compatible: Works with portable generators Jackery, Goal Zero, Bluetti, Ecoflow etc.,

Portable wind turbines combined with solar generators are quiet, green solutions to power during electrical outages or off-grid excursions. Generate power day and night! Wind Catcher is also a companion to solar. If you already have a solar system then you can directly plug Wind Catcher into your inverter and harness the power of the wind.

You can now Plug-n-Power your solar-system from your cabin, RV, trailer etc., into Wind Catcher. See our selection of available connectors for something that fits your system!

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