Camping is my one of my favorite outdoor activities when on vacation. As the summer approaches, I am always prepared and psyched to have amazing adventures with my family and friends. Usually, I travel to Greece to explore and learn more about the Greek culture, their way of life and the tradition that is so intriguing and wonderful, at least to me personally. Sithonia is one of the most exotic places in the world and it sure is a very special place; beautiful too. The Armenistis camping center is one of the best in that area. So if you are traveling to Greece make sure to check it out, they usually have good deals!

Let me get started by talking about the incredibly beautiful turquoise color of the sea that attracts everyone around to go swimming or scuba diving, or simply enjoy some fun times practicing Zumba or aerobics in the water. Early mornings when I wake up and go out for a walk on the beach to breathe the fresh air, it really is a special time! You get to feel the natural beauty of the sands and the marvelous sea water breeze. There you can also hang out with your friends trying some new and delicious summer cocktails. Being in a beautiful place where you get to enjoy the stunning view from the hills.

These activities are far more fun when you decide to go there with your closest family members. I enjoy these kinds of adventures because I adore spending more time with my family. There is nothing more important than enjoying your stay with your family. Camping is refreshing to me because there you are free to do what you want and you have all the time in the world for meditation and sports activities.
Camping in Armenistis offers a variety of sports possibilities and I found that to be excellent because if you plan to stay there for a month there will be enough activities for you not to feel bored. One of my favorite things during camping vacation is going fishing and then later preparing the day’s catch for lunch or dinner.

Those summer days when we amuse ourselves while fishing are the most exciting days of our vacation. We laugh and make plans for preparing our dinner and making the different sauces to use for accomplishing a delicious meal. I adore seafood and that is why I enjoy fishing.

The most interesting part is the cooking and of course eating. Greek traditions and cuisine offer many recipes for having a perfect seafood meal. And preparing this with your family the way you want is a very precious thing.

We are all lovers of grilled octopus and shells made with tomato and onion sauce. We also enjoy eating shrimp and squid. They are very delicious especially when you cook them the right way. It is more fun when all of us are around the grill and take our turn to add some spices to the food or making a salad while drinking the traditional Greek “ouzo”.

These moments are priceless not only because you spend more time with your family, but also because you are happy and you create moments that would last forever. Camping is amazing if you want to refresh your mind and soul and to relax after an exhausting working period. I recommend this type of trip to everyone who is a nature lover and for those who are fed up of being caught up with electronics. There are a lot of wonderful places in the world, so pick one from your travel list and pack your camping essentials for having a great time with your family.

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