Have you ever been stupefied by the fact that a professional football player earns more than the President of the United States?

Weird as it sounds, it is right. Or is it not?

The first time you will realize the counterintuitive nature of what it really means to have bees as one of the iconic pollinators consider these strange facts.

When someone shouts, “Don’t blink!” You actually find yourself blinking. I am blinking right now… still doubting? What did you just do?

One bee has a face value of $120,000! Figure this out, hardworking creatures they are, a single bee is capable of visiting up to 50,000 blueberry flowers in its lifespan. By pollinating them, the plants produce up to 6,000 fruits. Quick math’s, these fruits have a market value of $120,000. Need I say more?

Despite the unique spot that bees hold in the whole human race, environmentalists have indicated that the Native American bee population is nose diving on the agricultural hotbeds in America. In fact, it’s happening real quickly such that the continuity of the entire Ecosystem is in jeopardy.

The study Modeling the status, trends, and impacts of the wild bee in the United States revealed that between 2008 and 2013, the bee population declined by up to 23%. This dramatic decrease was hypothesized to many culprits who include but not limited to climate change, Colony Collapse Disorder, use of pesticides in farming, diseases, and land reclamation. To say the dramatic decrease is an understatement! The study goes ahead to suggest that if bees were to go extinct, over 80% of the human population would go to bed on an empty tummy and over 90% of the green vegetation would disappear.

Time has come for Americans to acknowledge the paramount contribution and amiable personality of our native bees. Not only do they help in pollination, but also visually appealing to all nature lovers.

Here is how you can help protect the American Native Bees

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beekeeper or not, in your own small way you can get involved. How many times did you ever make that boring decision without getting a pat on your shoulder only to see the fruits later? Many right?

Diversify your portfolio when it comes to the variety of trees and flowers you plant. How does this help you ask? Well, this creates an all season environment for the bees to collect pollen and nectar. Native trees species such as Burberry, alpine, clovers and asters will go a long way in furthering this symbiotic relationship between these magnificent creatures and the entire food chain.

If you are a farmer, consider buying seeds that are covered with clothianidin. This insecticide causes your entire farm to become toxic to bees. Didn’t you know that? Shame on you!

Ever found yourself in a pub with the gods of luck smiling your way? Suddenly there is an announcement, “Drinks on the house!” Same way, make it a point of giving bees water. Keep a birdbath in your backyard. Additionally, create a VIP style thirst quenching experience by dropping pebbles in the bath to act as a haven while climbing in and out.

We understand that harmful pest can be demoralizing when they invade your farm. However, abstaining from using pesticides and judiciously applying herbicides to counter the menace helps protects these flowering plants.

Advance use of natural landscape. Bees make it a point of building their nests in abandoned tussocks of grass. Come on folks avoid mowing every inch of your compound. We are alive to the fact that land is one of the most expensive assets you can own, but tolerate the insects whenever you find their nest.

Classical economist advanced the school of thought that any products or services that have demand consequently have supply. Why not substitute manufactured sugars for honey? I mean it’s healthier and nutritious. The possible ripple effect is endless. The public will focus energy on preserving these insects in a bid to harvest more of this brown gold.

Last but not least, help in raising awareness about the plight of the bees. This will go a long way in building awareness and a cohort of individuals working together to save them and securing our future food supplies.

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