Children’s Book Review: Becoming a Big Brother or Sister

Becoming a Big Brother or Sister is a perfect little book to help parents take the mystery out of what a sibling can expect when a new baby comes into the household. In her debut book, Darlene Stango draws upon her experience as a mother, as well as a seasoned maternity nurse, to address many of the common questions children may have during this exciting stage of development.

The text and illustrations work very well together to help the reader, be it a parent or the child, envision what the future may hold. Read aloud, I feel this book would make the perfect bedtime story for the expectant preschool aged sibling. The delightful pictures and baby blanket border, seen throughout the book, help to create a visually appealing and recognizable theme that brings the story to life.

While the story revolves around the introduction of a new baby, the focus stays on point and never loses sight of the big brother or sister. Having been a mother of a 5 year old when I brought my second child home, I would have found this book very useful.

Becoming a Big Brother or Sister brought back many fond memories for me, and I am pretty certain it’s in memories like those that the author found her inspiration.

Becoming a Big Brother or Sister can be purchased on Amazon or by clicking here: Becoming a Big Brother or Sister.

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