It’s amazing how something as seemingly simple as doing dishes can have so many different possibilities. Some people like to put all of the dishes in the sink before they start, and others want them all out on the counter. Some like to fill the sink with water, and others like to just let the water run over them as they wash them. Some like to add a splash of bleach to the water. People can use a washcloth, scrub brush, or a sponge. There are so many different types of soap, too. People even have preferences about the type of soap holder/dispenser!

Once the dishes are clean, they need to be rinsed. I think the best thing for that is one of those sink sprayers! The dishes then can be dried with a dishtowel, or air dried. Some like a plastic dish drainer, some a wooden drying rack, and some just pile them on a towel.

If the dishes are going to be put in a dishwasher, there are different things to consider. Some people practically clean the dishes first, some just scrape off the ‘big stuff’, and some just throw them in there as they are. Some run the rinse cycle if there’s not enough for a full load, some will run it no matter how much or how little is in it, and some just let it sit until it’s full.

There’s the controversy about how to load the dishwasher. Also, there’s the other controversy about the flatware, especially the knives. Handles up, or handles down? Some people will rearrange the dishes after someone else has loaded the dishwasher. Even once the dishwasher is ready to run, there’s the decision about whether or not to use the heat dry feature.

Are dishwashers a good idea, or not? Which items get hand washed even if you have a dishwasher? How do you remember if the dishes inside are clean or dirty? And once you come up with a system, does everyone in the house remember to follow the rules? What are the proper steps for hand washing dishes? How should a dishwasher be loaded?

So, what IS the right way to do dishes in your home?  Ask one hundred people, and you’ll probably get at least 99 different answers!

Whether your dishes are hand washed, or done in the dishwasher, I guess the final debate is who has to put the clean dishes away!

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