There have been jokes on tv shows about people fighting over which side of the bed they get. It seems that couples who sleep in the same bed end up at some point deciding where each of them will sleep. Apparently, there are even some arguments over the topic!

How do you decide? Are you a ‘lefty’ or a ‘righty’? And what else do people think about when they’re jockeying for their permanent position? Some of the factors that come into play are which side is closest to the door or window, if there is a heater or a draft on one side, which side has a better view of the tv, where the closet or other furniture is located, how much room is available next to each side of the bed or if the bed is next to a wall on one side, and which side just “feels right”. I wonder what happens when both people want the same side, and neither will back down! I’ve heard that women usually end up winning, but I have no idea if that’s true or not. Once the debate is settled, most couples stick with the same side after that. If they do switch, it’s probably only once and then they stick with the new arrangement. In our case, my husband and I have switched sides every so often (for a night, or as our ‘new’ side), with no problem. Strangely enough, neither of us really cares all that much which side we get. He prefers to sleep closest to the door if we’re away from home, but it doesn’t matter when we’re in our own bed. We have our regular sides, mainly because of the things we keep on our nightstands. Whenever we switch, for whatever reason, we move the nightstand items too.
I think that changes can renew the controversy over which side of the bed each person gets when certain events happen. A new home, a new bed, or a new relationship (including the addition of a child, cat, or dog) would probably be the three biggest ones. Once, my husband and I switched sides for a long time because my shoulder was bothering me, and I wanted to see if being on the other side helped. It did.

Then there’s the issue of what happens when you’re alone for the night. Do you stick to your side, switch to the other side, or take up the middle of the bed? If you switch for any reason, does it make it difficult to sleep?

Is this topic humorous to you, or do you take it seriously?

And the fight continues… 🙂

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