We were driving home from a long distance trip across the state when my husband suddenly and unexpectedly took an exit, and none of us knew why. A few minutes later he pulled into the parking lot for some place called Juniata Junction Restaurant. We had never been there nor heard of the place before, but we were hungry and it looked like a nice enough place. Once we got inside, one of the first things we noticed was the multitude of vintage items and old black and white photos on the walls. Not an overwhelming number to make it look cluttered, but more than enough to capture the attention. There was even a diploma from 1900! It was interesting to see.

Juniata Junction Restaurant

Our waitress, Tara, greeted us pleasantly and asked what we wanted to drink. She had even noticed that one of us had gone into the bathroom and asked if there was another member to our party. I decided to order chocolate milk, and so did my daughter.   My son wanted hot cocoa, but we like ours made with milk, and like most restaurants, theirs is made with water. His request to heat his chocolate milk was granted with a smile. We were definitely not disappointed! The chocolate milk had a nice light chocolate flavor and an amazingly creamy texture. We all ended up getting seconds, and I shared mine with my husband.

I was tempted to get a cheesesteak, but didn’t think it would be any good because we were so far away from Philadelphia. I remembered the ones I had when I was younger and living in the middle of Pennsylvania, which were not good. My husband decided to order one anyway, and I decided to play it safe with grilled chicken breast. The kids got burgers and curly fries.

The cheesesteak turned out being actually quite tasty. My husband said it felt like home. It was very natural tasting, with no junk on it. It came with lettuce and tomatoes. It was a good size – it didn’t leave him hungry, or bloated. The fries were good, too. He liked that they left the skins on them.

The chicken breast can be ordered several different ways, such as barbeque or Italian. I decided I’d rather have plain. It was far from plain, though – very juicy and flavorful with a nice chicken taste. For one of my two side choices, I ordered the broccoli, which came nice and hot so the butter I put on it melted easily. My other side was a generous portion of yam fries. I might have been able to finish them if I hadn’t guzzled down that delicious milk in those large cups!

My son’s burger was a nice size, which is saying something coming from a 15 year old boy! He said the curly fries were really good. They were seasoned perfectly and were nice and crispy.

My daughter said the Kaiser roll for the burger was a nice touch, and she liked the black Angus beef. She said the amount of lettuce was the right amount, and it was really fresh and crunchy. She appreciated that the ketchup wasn’t already on the burger so that she could put on the exact amount of ketchup that she wanted. She also liked being able to add her own butter and other condiments to her other foods. She said that her fries were some of the best she’s ever had – nicely crispy on the outside.

The chocolate milk was the perfect beverage. Even after two large cups each, we wanted more. We asked if there was any way to purchase an entire gallon. Tara wasn’t sure, but she offered to ask management. We were sad to hear that they didn’t have extra to sell us, but Tara graciously told us where we could go to buy some! It wasn’t too far away, so we decided to make a bit of a detour to get some. It only comes in half gallons, so we bought two of them. I don’t think they’re going to last very long, though!

I must say that we were all very satisfied with our meal, and the prices were very reasonable. The combination of a family oriented atmosphere, the delicious food, the vintage designs, and the smiles from the staff made our experience a delight. We’ll go back hungry for more on a future trip!

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