Sunday is a fun day and we all want to spend it with our family and friends. We also have free time to go somewhere to relax and to chill out. We want to release the stress in our bodies from the hard work week and to spend some time without thinking of projects, deadlines and other things related to work. Just to escape the monotony of being in the same place as usual, we decided to visit our cousins in Stip.

We wanted to spend the day together and to laugh and have lunch together. First of all was a coffee break. We started the day with some great coffee in the local cafe where we were making plans for the next few hours. We decided to go into a fish restaurant which was located outside of town. I really loved going to the place because I enjoy driving. It relaxes me and I can think about a lot of things.

We were driving for an hour to get to the fish restaurant where we had a reservation. The name of the restaurant is Savaro. It is a famous location where the atmosphere is great and the food is delicious. It is very important to mention that the service is also good.

We ordered traditional Macedonian fish called pastrmka with a special fish sauce. While waiting to eat, we took a walk to the nearby area. It is located on the road to the border with Bulgaria. Because it is an often visited location, the area is very beautifully organized.

We took a walk by the river and we enjoyed the lovely view. We refreshed our minds because the air is fresh and the nature is very good. When the fish was ready, we sat at the table and started to eat. We drank a white wine which was recommended by the main chef. The fish was very delicious and it was a great match together with the wine.

Later we played some games with the little baby of our cousins. There was an entertainment park where we could amuse him. All the children were playing there so he had company for the different games.

After the lunch, we returned to Stip where we had our desert. We chose the new chocolate store where we tried the new waffles. We each ordered a different type so we could try several of them. I ordered a chocolate waffle with bananas and the others chose other waffles with fruits. They were delicious and we were happy.

After dessert, we were ready to go home. We had a wonderful time with our cousins where we enjoyed the lunch and later the desert. We went for a few minutes to the house of our aunt so we could see her.

The weather was great, the sun was shining, and it was good time because the fish restaurant was in a garden so we could enjoy it a little bit more. Spending time with family is the most precious time.

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