It is crucial to understand your purpose in life and to have a reason to move forward with your accomplishments. It is one thing to know about your self-purpose and what you need, and another thing to be one of the few who seek purpose for others! We are honored to have interviewed Holly and understand more thoroughly about her ways of helping others achieve greater heights; which is in no way an easy task. It requires knowledge, hard work, and dedication. With so much patience and understanding, Holly was able to describe to us her path and what led her to where she is right now; and told us about how excited she is about helping others.

Please join us in congratulating Holly on her past, current, and future accomplishments, and to show your support for what she does, and with joy!

Hi Holly! Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

A – Well, I am a lover of life and of the human condition. By that I mean the “condition” of being 1000 other things than just our age, race, height, weight, gender, job etc…which is exactly where my mind

went I first started drafting an answer in my head. Since those things offer a basis of relating to one another though and I still personally like to know those things: I am a 40-year-old woman. I married once at 32 and divorced at 35. I began a career in nursing beginning in 2004 and finally let it go in late 2014. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, I eat right and exercise…And I learned how much better all of that is the hard way 😉 My religion is Love and my philosophy is TRY.

Q – What compelled you to make a change in your career?

A – My job had become increasingly unsatisfying. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I was very bored at times and felt drained even away from work after-hours. I had returned to school so that I could further my degree and thus make more money…I must’ve thought if I was making more money at my job I’d be happier. Or if I had a nicer title I’d be happier. But then school started to be boring and draining and I realized I wasn’t interested in what I was studying. I became a little depressed even. So while I was seeking some uplifting material to focus on, I met a group of people on Facebook who were following their dreams and who enjoyed their lives and careers! It sounds silly but that’s what got me thinking…

Q – Is your new career what you expected it to be?

A – The people in the group planted the seed but I was still tied to a known “secure” job and didn’t plan to leave. Then one night while I was having dinner with my boyfriend and another couple, they began talking about Birkman. This couple owns two international businesses and they mentor my boyfriend. They use Birkman when they hire and never have turn-over. They gave it to their kids and their friends’ kids before college. They talk about it helping their marriage and they encouraged my boyfriend to take it, which he had, over six months ago. But my boyfriend’s Birkman consultant went over his reports and there were no life changing insights and, in fact, the consultant never followed up as he had said he would. After dinner when I was commenting on how amazing Birkman was supposed to be, I slipped and said, “Your consultant has the dream job to help others very quickly and I would do it for free….” etc, something about how he should have followed-up lol:-) My boyfriend then looks at me and says, “you just answered the question everyone wants to know for themselves.” And almost in unison we said, “if all jobs paid the same what would you WANT to do?” I was on a plane to Atlanta the next week to learn The Birkman Method and become a certified consultant:-) It’s been even better than I imagined. And MY Birkman confirmed that I am now headed in directions that fulfill me. Also, I can do what Birkman has shown me I most enjoy–which is to *think about* people and be with them.

Now this is interesting to note because although some people like to talk to people, sell to people, promote people or just be with people, there are also those too who prefer to be alone, engage in tasks, research, fix or build things…But NOT necessarily around people. Birkman reveals this and 20 times more. So for me, it is easy to see why I thought nursing would be a fit: it is people oriented after all. Through Birkman I saw that I really like to contemplate; I’m curious and I listen. It is possible to rush through a Birkman report, and if my client wishes to do that, then we do. But I have often found that my clients are more apt to really find the value in knowing what Birkman reveals if I pause when they want to pause. As well I get to listen and then reflect back with them when they are making connections between their report and their lives. Now I go to school for fun. I just began communication and counseling courses at the local community college and in 2016 through the Hendricks Institute, I will be a certified life coach. So I have finally found my way and boredom and depression no longer even knock at my door. I am a Birkman consultant:-)

Q – How does one join your program?

A – If someone wants to take The Birkman Method questionnaire so they can better understand their own motivations and passions, they can jump on my website,, and purchase it very easily. Typically within minutes of check-out I reach out personally by email to go over the details and then immediately send an email from my account at Birkman with your link to the evaluation. At there are three options available for purchase and the first basic option is $100 less than what Birkman International would charge you directly for their service. Truly it’s in the consultation where we review the reports that the magic happens and I offer more than one option so I can better serve each person individually depending on their desired depth of review and coaching.
Q – Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished thus far?
A – Thus far? Satisfying? Yes. But it is only the beginning. Things just keep getting better and better because as I become more adept at life…it actually becomes easier and easier too. Haha yes, “easier” and “better” are very very satisfying:)

Q – What plans do you have for the future?

A – My future plans involve becoming more equipped to help those I get to work with. Though I absolutely love working with people my age, recently I really enjoy working with high school and college kids because I think it IS possible to know what direction to go in, even though you’re young. So much time and money can be wasted on extra semesters of school or even years of not knowing what is quite right…thus parents enjoy it as much as we do. I have found that even the kids who are “free-spirits” and whose parents support them in taking their time to find what is “right” for them, still get stressed out about not knowing what they want. Maybe the extra stress causes them to rebel or party harder lol:-) I see now that you can have fun and explore and yet be on the right track at any age. That is my hearts desire, to show people that.

I have reflected and realized since doing my Birkman that counseling, psychology and relationship mediation was on my mind since I was 15 years old! I finally get to delve into it. Only now, the field of “life coaching” is of interest to me because I find that its focus is on what is well with a person, what is ahead and on what to do. Perfect in combination with Birkman! In contrast, often “therapy” pertains to the past and points to what was damaged. Life coaches are quick to explain that it is not “therapy” that they offer…though many times emotional breakthrough work is a part of being coached.
I enjoy everything I work on now. I look forward to webinar courses though Birkman International, I take a “counseling and communications” class that I love; next semester I’ll explore positive psychology and in February 2016 I will finish my studies at the Hendricks Institute and receive a certificate in life coaching.

Q – What do you think of Human Diaries?

A – HD is a wonderful place for light to shine into the lives of anybody needing a pick-me-up. When I feel overwhelmed or get a negative monkey in my mind, I always look to hopeful and inspiring content to literally, CHANGE my mind, change my thoughts, to think a new thought. Distractions are everywhere but I believe peace and new paths are forged on the *quality of our distractions. This is very basic stuff but definitely easier said than done. TV, food, gossip will shut up that monkey-mind but it won’t provide a feeling that leads to needing LESS distraction. Human Diaries is one more sure thing place where I can go and get out of my own stuff (healthy distraction) in a way that lets me feel I am not alone and that good things are always afoot. For a moment, consider a mindset that believes good things are always afoot…Now there is more of a desire for engagement with life, not distraction.

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