I saw the movie, “The Bucket List”, and enjoy thinking of ways to make my life more interesting. As it says in the meme we’ve seen online, we’re not born just to go to work, pay bills, and die. Whenever possible, we should expand our list of life experiences, and one of those ways is to see new and different things. That’s possible without even traveling, but traveling is wonderful when you can do it! I saw a link about the 100 places you should visit before you die. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things where you have to keep scrolling and keep clicking. It’s actually kind of nice to see the pictures, and you can even click on which ones you’ve seen to compare. I included the link at the bottom in case you want to visit the actual site. I thought it would be nice to have a simple list if you want to print it out (it took me a while to create it in this form), so here it is:
1. Alamo
2. Albambra
3. Andros Island
4. Angel Falls
5. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
6. Atlantic City Boardwalk
7. Ayers Rock
8. Big Ben
9. Bora Bora
10. British Museum
11. Canals of Amsterdam
12. Cathedral of Seville
13. Cave of Crystals
14. Christ the Redeemer
15. Cinque Terre National Park
16. Colosseum
17. Crater Lake
18. Dead Sea
19. Death Valley
20. Devil’s Tower
21. Dome of the Rock
22. Easter Island
23. Edinburgh Castle
24. Eiffel Tower
25. Empire State Building
26. The Forbidden City, China
27. French Quarter
28. Galapagos Islands
29. Gateway Arch
30. Gettysburg Battlefield
31. Glacier Bay Basin
32. Glacier National Park
33. Glowworm Cave
34. Golden Gate Bridge
35. Grand Canal
36. The Grand Canyon
37. Grand Mosque in Mecca
38. Great Barrier Reef
39. Great Mosque of Cordoba
40. Great Wall of China
41. Hagia Sophia
42. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
43. Hollywood Boulevard
44. Iguazu Falls
45. Kiyomizu Dera
46. Kremlin
47. Lake Titicaca
48. Las Ramblas
49. Las Vegas Strip
50. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
51. Louvre Museum
52. Machu Picchu
53. Matterhorn
54. Mayan Pyramids of Chichen Itza
55. Metropolitan Museum of Art
56. Mount Everest
57. Mount Fuji
58. Mount Kilimanjaro
59. Mount Rushmore
60. Napa Valley
61. Ngorongoro Crater
62. Niagara Falls
63. Notre Dame Cathedral
64. Pacific Rim National Park
65. Pebble Beaches of Nice
66. Petra
67. Petronas Twin Towers
68. Portland Head Lighthouse
69. Puerta del Sol
70. Pyramids of Giza
71. Redwood National Park
72. Rock of Gibraltar
73. Rocky Mountain National Park
74. Ruins of Athens
75. Ruins of Pompeii
76. Sagrada Familia
77. Willis Tower (Sears Tower)
78. Sedlec Ossuary
79. Sistine Chapel
80. Smithsonian Institution
81. Space Needle
82. St. Peter’s Basilica
83. Statue of Liberty
84. Stonehenge
85. Sydney Opera House
86. Taj Mahal
87. Temple of the Golden Pavilion
88. Teotihuacan
89. Tian Tan Buddha
90. Times Square
91. Varanasi
92. Victoria Falls
93. Wailing Wall
94. Walt Disney World Resort
95. The Washington Monument
96. White Cliffs of Dover
97. White House
98. Winchester Cathedral
99. Yosemite National Park
100. Zion National Park

And here’s the link:

I hope to get to see more of these places. Good luck, and happy traveling!

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  1. This is a great list of places to see and experience! I’m so glad I have a few of those under my belt. Most recently we visited, Niagara Falls…absolutely breathtaking! Thanks for sharing…more to add to my ever-popular bucket list.

    1. We enjoyed Niagara Falls, too. I heard later that it’s really amazing at night because they light it up. I would love to go back and see that some time.

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