For Clarke I have made a time travel device. This device is strapped to the owner’s head to turn on. It reads the brains waves of whatever it is put on. When the owner of the time travel device wishes to travel, they think of a time and then press the button on the left lobe. This button is for safety. Without this safety, simply thinking about a time would transfer you to it. This would cause people to time travel without wanting to. It also has another button on the right lobe. This button makes it so that you can bring someone along with you. To use this setting press this button while you press the one on the left lobe.

Clarke would need this gift to take Bellamy back in time so she could prove that she cared about Lilly. He wouldn’t be angry at Clarke for killing Lilly if he knew from the start how much pain Lilly was in. She asked Clarke to kill her, but when Clarke told him that he didn’t believe her. The time travel device would keep Bellamy from hating her for over a week. Clarke would also use the time travel device to stop herself from telling Bellamy that she killed Lilly at the time that she did. Clarke chose one of the worst possible times and ways to tell Bellamy about what happened. That is why I would give her this time travel device.

For Bellamy I would give a teleportation watch. This watch does not tells time, it just teleports the wearer of the watch anywhere they wish to go. To use this watch, the user must type the place where they want to go. Then, they must press the button on the right and say go. The button on the left makes you go back to the last place that you were. You can also make this happen by typing in where you were and pressing the teleportation button. This teleportation device has infinite uses. The most important thing is to stay on Earth because the watch only works on Earth.

Bellamy could use this watch to retrieve his sister, Octavia. She was taken by the rouge earthborns, and he worried about her. If he could have gotten her immediately, then so many problems would have never existed. If he had gotten her immediately, then they could have gone back to the colony which would have saved them for longer. However, they would end up going back to Earth anyway when the colony ran out of oxygen. This could confuse the rouge earthborns and cause them to have no affect on the lives of the colonists. That is why I would get Bellamy a teleportation watch.

For Sasha I would get recorded footage of everything that happened starting with when the last group of colonists arrived on Earth. She would project the image on a wall for the colonists to see. She would simply push the play button on the side of the projector. If she wanted to fast forward through years that have no meaning to what is happening, she could type in how many years to skip and press play again. To pause, she would push the button that was on the top of the projector. She could rewind by typing in the amount of years to pass, and press the pause button.

Sasha would need this because nobody believes her story of the rouge earthborns. She could gain their trust way more quickly if she had proof that she wasn’t lying. With this, she could be free instead of being tied up, and she would be able to give them real food that tastes good to them. She would help track them before they kill Prya. Sasha would be able to prove that Graham was wrong about what she said. She could have helped the colonists so much, and she would have if she could. Sasha would be a hero to the colonists instead of a prisoner. That is why I would give her that footage.

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