Blub. Blub. went Mr. Jalapeno’s alarm clock, or bubble maker as you may call it. Shadow, his brother, said “Hey get up the school is passing by! you missed breakfast so I saved some fish flakes for you, yellow your favorite.” “Okay I’ll be right there Shadow just heat up my fish flakes while I get ready for school.” “Hurry, or you’ll be late!” Shadow said. So since he’s a fish and all he has to do is get up he did and then he ate his breakfast at school. The whole point of fish school is to learn how to be a fish. Today they would learn how the school works because it was the first day. They swam all around and they were supposed to learn , but Mr. Jalapeno and Shadow mainly just passed notes about the teacher that they wrote on some of their breakfast using sticks of coral. They were mainly passing notes to their best friend, Twig. When school was over Twig said, “That was awesome, I loved the note where you talked about the creepy new kid in the corner. I think his name is Dave, you know for Dave Ming Chang.”

The next day Twig, Mr. Jalapeno, and Shadow tried talking to Dave. All day they introduced themselves and asked him questions like “Why do you blink?” and “Why don’t you talk?” or even “Why did you look like the creepy person in the corner yesterday. you know, like in the movies.” So they talked and talked, but Dave never did. Finally when they were swimming home Dave said in his scratchy soft voice “Hi my name is Dave Ming Chang. Do you want to know something?” “What? What?” they yelled. “I can sense super powers in fish and Mr. Jalapeno, you have some.” Dave said. Then he swam away.

“I have super powers?” said Mr. Jalapeno “Don’t worry he’s probably just crazy” said Shadow. “He does look like he escaped from a mental hospital, you know like the guy who did” said twig. “Did they catch that fish yet?” Mr. Jalapeno said. Then Twig said “They said in the flake that he said that he can detect something, it must have been super powers.” Shadow said “Maybe he isn’t so crazy…”

Tell us if you want more “Super Fish”

The next episode (if you want it) will be called “There’s a new “fish” in town.”

These characters are all characters in my real fish tank at home. If you want to see the real super fish and friends then I will post the actual pictures and tell you a little bit about them.

Unfortunately, the fish Dave Ming Chang Died a few days back and I didn’t get a picture of him so I will post a look alike of the same species.

By C.D.

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