This picture was created for an important reason, an important message. Life is the most beautiful gift and it has the same amount of importance no matter what form it is in. No matter what you believe happens in the afterlife, I believe that all of those are an option when you pass on.

That ant that you’re squishing could be Albert Einstein. While you may think that humans are the only things that matter, it’s not the snake’s fault that it is a snake. Most will not bite unless you hurt it. I made this drawing because one morning on my way to the bus stop I saw a little slug on the street and I thought, “If I don’t help it then it will most likely die.” I quickly picked it up and noticed that I wasn’t even half way down the hill and my bus was there.

I ran, but as I was running I put it down in the grass as fast and gentle as I could while running. I almost missed the bus to school to save that poor slug’s life. I know that the chance of it still being alive is very small, but I still made a difference and noticed that its life is as important as mine. I risked being late to help it and I felt like I should put it down in the form of art.

I did and noticed that the most important thing to do that does not include me is to help the less fortunate that may or may not be human. This may look like I just decided to draw it, but the message is the deepest thing that can be put into the depth of Earth paper, or man’s laptop.

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